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Vacation Travel Guide Nagasaki

Vacation Travel Guide Nagasaki

Have you been to the city of Nagasaki?

You must be aware of the history associated with this city. The city Nagasaki is known for being hit by atomic bombs during the Second World War. The city is one of the two cities in Japan that suffered devastation after the bomb was dropped. However, this city houses many of the main attractions related to this difficult period's history.

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Read the full article to get knowledge about those beautiful points in the city:

Huis Ten Bosch

If you do not know Dutch history, then visit this place in Nagasaki. This area has strong connections with the Netherlands. Huis Ten Bosch is a great museum constructed during what was known as the 'Dutch Golden Age'. This open-air museum exhibits replicas of the homes and buildings built in the old golden era. Watch out for the full model of the city hall and canal houses, some mills, and impressive towers at this place.

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Oura Cathedral

Oura Cathedral is a Catholic church which is a little different location found in Nagasaki. This church was built in 1886 and was first erected by French missionaries in Nagasaki. This church is one of the oldest churches in Japan, which magnetizes huge rush every day. People across the world come to visit and explore this church.

Street food

Nagasaki is one of the famous destinations for travellers housing several attractions in Japan. Visit this city to learn the major attractions, including delicious street food, tall, beautiful buildings, and several other attractions. Visit this area in local Chinatown serving several dishes that you should try here. You will find many other cuisines that include snacks such as kakuni-Manju, a pork cutlet marinated and stuffed into a bun, which is steamed. People in Japan are crazy about this dish which is served in this area. Try other sweets, such as marakao, a famous pound cake steamed and flavoured with chestnuts or chocolate.

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Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

It would be best if you were acquainted with the atomic bomb that was dropped in Nagasaki. This caused major destruction in the city, and for this major monument is made in the city as Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum displaying the dark history of the city's past. You will find several photos and items related to that time and from the period including stuff like clothes, furniture and other artifacts found after the bomb. Explore the museum and find iconic things in the galleries of stories that were accumulated from fighters.

Explore the penguins at Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium is tucked in an area that takes 30minutes from the city centre. You will find several penguins here seen swimming around through underwater tanks. Get a closure exposure of these penguins that are a must-watch. People come here to capture images and feed them. This interesting place is packed with a huge crowd every weekend. Watch out for the penguins in the aquarium and other marine life such as catfish. Come along with kids at this stunning place and spend your whole day in this aquarium. Grab tickets to Nagasaki to visit this amazing aquarium and capture several pictures with penguins. 

Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum is one of the most amazing museums to visit that looks out over the harbour. Visit this beautiful museum housing a numerous range of exhibitions of old iconic artifacts from the various artists of every region. You will find this place interesting, having artwork from the region and temporary rotating galleries exhibiting display pieces from all over the world. Stroll around the roof garden at this place and capture a scenic view over the city.

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Enjoy a boat ride to Iijima

Kojima offers a great place beside the beach area to spend your weekends fully along with kids. This place also offers a boat ride and other water sports activities for visitors. Visit Nagasaki Harbour to reach Iwo Jima on a boat. Enjoy the ride on the boat for about 15 minutes, reach the beautiful island, and spend your evening in the best possible way. Visit this gorgeous place during the hot springs here, relax and de-stress outside of the city.

Shinchi Chinatown

Shinchi Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinatowns in Japan and has been present here since the 15th century when Chinese sailors settled in the area. You will find delectable food eateries, Chinese products, and other items for visitors. So, guys, don't forget to miss this place that has numerous points to stay and spend your little time and try out every delicious food offered at every corner.

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Urakami Cathedral

Urakami Cathedral is an amazing church that was reconstructed after being bombed when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. This church is said to be the biggest church in all of Asia. Visit this beautiful church that is home to a statue of the Virgin Mary that was hugely destroyed by the bomb's attack. This bomb drop is the reason for its reconstruction and local legend, according to which the statue cries tears as a result of the devastation due to atomic bomb damage to the city.


So guys, if you feel this city is worth visiting, then do make a trip to this city via booking flight tickets. Nagasaki airfares are available on the website; catch them as soon as possible.

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