Wednesday, August 25, 2021

All You Need To Know About Custom Pillow Printing

All You Need To Know About Custom Pillow Printing

Nowadays, gifting a custom pillow to your loved ones is one of the very common and convenient ways to showcase your love and affection. 

While there are various reasons why it is gaining so much popularity, one of the prime reasons has to be the fact that you can add a custom pillow photo. Adding a custom touch allows you to print the photo of your loved ones on the pillow, which not only looks attractive but, at the same time, it will put a significant impact on the person who is receiving the gift. 

Suppose you have a prescribed pillow and do not want to print anything but still want a customized feel. In that case, you can also get custom pillow covers, which will allow you to get a personalized feel, but at the same time, you can enjoy different covers and a different design on one pillow. This will help you save the money that you would spend on various custom pillow printing. 

How To Buy A Custom Pillow?

So, now that you are super excited to get yourself a custom pillow, we will help you out in buying it via two ways mentioned below - 

Online store - It is the easiest way to get yourself a custom pillow as you can select any one online customization store of your choice, provide them with the design/photo, select the size of the pillow, place the order and then make the payment. Your custom pillow photo will be delivered to your house within seven working days or even earlier, depending upon the delivery services offered by the online store. 

Offline store - If you are unsure if the online stores will offer the desired quality and want to get it done before your guidance, consider doing it from various offline customization stores. If you have no idea regarding the location of any such stores, then open google and search custom pillow near me; it will provide you with the information regarding all the customization stores that offer pillow customization near your location. 

Types Of Custom Pillow Prints

There are various types of custom pillow prints that you can get in online stores, depending upon the print and fabric requirement. Here are the four most common types of shots that one can get - 

Microsuede- If you are looking for soft and comfy customized pillows, you can consider choosing this as it offers luxuriously soft microsuedes. Another factor that makes it unique and better than other prints is that the pictures get printed with crisp details. It will be an excellent option for someone looking for customized pillows but does not want to compromise on the picture quality because such prints usually degrade the quality of the picture after the print. 

Poplin - If you are looking for a durable option when it comes to custom pillow printing, then Poplin pillows will be the right option for you as it comes with a durable and smooth fabric, along with sharp print. You can consider keeping it on your couch as it will be great for regular usage. 

Linen - If you search for a value-for-money custom pillow that can be placed on your bed and offers a good amount of comfort, then Linen custom pillows will be the most suitable for you. It comes with textured prints, and the distinct waves will aid in offering a unique design to your selected photograph. 

Sequin - It is a very trendy custom pillow as it has flippable sequins upfront. It not only looks good but at the same time, it is practical enough as it has a super-soft back. You can also consider it as an accessory for your bedroom that will surely elevate the entire vibe of your room.

Besides gifting or buying it for yourself, a custom pillow can also be used for other purposes. For instance, if you plan to start a new online/offline business, it can be a great option as it is trendy, so the product will always be in demand. Here’s a short guide on how you can start your custom pillow printing business today. 

How to start your own custom pillow printing business? 

1. Roadmap - Before starting the business, you should create a proper road map to understand each step of starting the company and then take the steps. Firstly, you should know if you are starting it as an online business, full-fledged offline store, part-time, or simply as a hobby because, accordingly, you will have to invest. Without investment, you will not be able to start this business. Another critical factor is knowing that the amount of money you will be investing can also turn into a loss. Therefore, you should invest a particular amount that you can afford to lose. 

2. Understand the requirement - You should know what’s selling in the market and what people are looking for. Accordingly, you should select the stocks and sell them. If you are buying something that will not sell, it will be a significant loss for you.  

3. Budget - Select the budget and consider factors like mode of business, cost of material, printing equipment, shipping costs, promotional costs, and more.  

4. Online store - It will be better if you launch an online store and showcase your products as it will be economical and help you reach more customers. Also, you can consider promoting your online store on social media platforms. If requires, you can also consider paid marketing as it will have more reach than organic ones. And that’s it; you are good to go!


We have discussed almost everything you should know about custom pillow printing, and it must have convinced you to either buy it from somewhere or start your own business. If you choose the second option, consider following the guide properly as it helps you get better results.

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