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What is the True Cost of Shipping Vehicles in Hawaii?

 What is the True Cost of Shipping Vehicles in Hawaii?

Hawaii car shipping is a large industry in the state. On average, hundreds of vehicles are being shipped by numerous auto transport companies to different islands every year. So if you’re planning to ship your vehicle to and from Hawaii, you should reserve a spot as soon as possible. 

This is because although there are a lot of available auto transport companies, chances are Hawaii’s busiest months will double the vehicle transportation costs due to high demand. 

But of course, before that, we should first talk about the true average cost of shipping car to Hawaii below.

Hawaii Car Shipping

Car shipping can be extremely expensive at first glance. However, this may actually save you a lot more money than you think, especially when you’re relocating. Furthermore, there are a lot of car shipping Hawaii companies that offer student and military discounts together with affordable rates.

One thing you should be aware of is that the car shipping cost from Mainland to Hawaii and vice versa are priced differently, with the latter being more expensive. For instance, shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland is much more expensive than to ship car from California to Hawaii.

Aside from that, there are several factors that determine the final car shipping cost including the following:

  • Vehicle size – The heavier the car, the higher the rate, so make sure to clear your car from objects prior to shipment.
  • Vehicle Condition – Operable vehicles are less expensive as they are easy to move from one place to another.
  • Destination and Pick-up Locations– Urban areas cost less than rural areas due to accessibility.
  • Type of transport – Open-carrier transport is cheaper than enclosed transport but is less protected than the latter. Choose according to your priority.
  • Season – Shipping during busy months like January and the summer are more expensive than in other months because of the high demand
  • Total distance between the origin and destination – The shorter distances, the less overall transport cost.
  • Fuel prices – Extra charges may apply when gas prices are high.

The final price will ultimately depend on the auto transport company’s rates. In some cases, it might run from $500 to $1500 on an average day.  Some companies may even offer it at a lower or higher rate depending on the affecting factors mentioned above and their reputation. 

If you’ve decided on a company, then better give them a call and request for a quote if you want an exact price.

Shipping Options Available

When shipping a car to Hawaii, you will need to choose between different shipping options available on the company. Depending on your choice, your final price may change as well. Here are the different types of transport services:

Door to Port Service

This one is the cheapest and easiest service available for those who live far from the port and are not fond of the idea of taking the long drive. 

In this case, a licensed and insured driver is going to pick up your vehicle from your home or office and drive it all the way to the port in your stead. You may track the vehicle using an online tracking tool. As soon as your vehicle arrives safely, you will then receive an update via an app. 

Port to Door Service

This one is similar to the aforementioned service, but it works the other way around. You deliver the vehicle to the port yourself, but as soon as it arrives at the destination port, a licensed driver will be the one to drive it all the way to your home or specified delivery point. This one is perfect if you aren’t well versed in driving around your destination.

Port to Port Service

This service is self-explanatory and basically, the service only covers vehicle transport from port to port. This means that you’ll need to drive your vehicle to the port yourself, then pick it up from the destination port as well. This is ideal for those who live close to the West Coast of California or Washington State.

Tips to Lower Car Shipping Cost

In order to save up on your Hawaii car shipping cost, here are some helpful tips that you can try:

  • Reserve Earlier – If busy months are coming fast then have a spot reserved while prices are still low.
  • Drop off and Pick up Vehicle Yourself – Door-to-door delivery can add up to the cost, so if you may, drop off and pick up your vehicle by yourself.
  • Opt for Open Carrier Shipping – If your vehicle is neither luxurious nor with low clearance, then you may want to opt for open carrier shipping instead of enclosed shipping.
  • Discounts – Check for any discounts you can avail such as discounts for students, veterans etc.
  • Clear and Clean Car Prior to Shipment – Reduce the weight of your car as much as possible by clearing out objects inside of it.

Car shipping rates are not fixed as there are too many factors that affect its total cost. To be sure, it would be best to get in touch with your chosen company’s customer service agents and thoroughly discuss your shipping choices. This way, you will be given a breakdown of your fees and a quote.

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