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Unique places to visit in Guayaquil


Unique places to visit in Guayaquil

Are you wondering what to do this summer? or making plans to visit a South American city with your family? Well, if that’s the case, include the city of Guayaquil in your trip itinerary. Situated along the western coast of Ecuador, Guayaquil will offer you the best moments to love and explore. The city is known for its thriving nightlife, vibrant culture, exotic culinary scenes, and outstanding South American vibe. Whether you want to enjoy amazing views of downtown from the largest Ferris wheel on the continent or craving for some picturesque destinations to explore, Guayaquil is the city of dreams!

Make your bucket list of the unique place you wish to explore in the city and start your journey with your family. You can book Spirit Airlines Tickets for them at affordable prices from the official website, without any extra burden on your pocket.

Malecón 2000

One of the favorite tourist attractions in Guayaquil, the Malecón 2000, is here to offer you a comfortable walk. You can stroll along this 2.5-kilometer walkway along the Guayas River. Whether you want to take snaps, taste chilled drinks, or lost in amazing sea-sightings, Malecón 2000 is the spot waiting for your arrival. Go for a pleasant weekend afternoon, and see thousands of local families gathering for a day of fun on the river.


Worthy to spend a couple of hours at the splendid ParqueHistórico! Plan a day trip to this wonderful outdoor zoo and which also has gardens enclosed in the vicinity. It will help to familiarize you with some of the rare and friendly species of birds. You will find pretty Parrots and Macaws perching over the railings along the park or get a glimpse of the local Ecuadorian fauna while meandering across a boardwalk trail.

Las Peñas

Dating back to over 400 years, Las Peñas is one of the central attractions of Guayaquil. Admired by history buffs and curious travelers, this historic neighborhood will definitely catch your attention! You can enjoy spectacular views of the quaint homes perching down narrow alleyways as family-run neighborhood bars and offering a most-welcomed reprieve while climbing up the 444 steps leading to the top of Santa Ana Hill. That sounds amazing, right? Then why not make plans for Guayaquil, then?

El Faro

After climbing the stairs to reach the top of Cerro Santa Ana, you will find a small church and the “El Faro” lighthouse. Don’t forget to go inside this hilltop lighthouse for 360-degree panoramic views down below. This blue-and-white-striped lighthouse is regarded as the symbol of hope for the city of Guayaquil. If you have made your plans to climb the stairs to the top of Cerro Santa Ana, then make tickets booking from the Spirit Airlines Flight Booking portal and get the best family vacation offers.

Cerro Santa Ana

Located on step 444, Cerro Santa Ana has amazing views of the Guayas River and the city of Guayaquil. Covered in rainbow-colored houses shading the greenery of the mountain, this hilltop offers picturesque scenery from the base. One more exciting thing to do in the neighborhood is to climb over the top through 444 steps. If you are a fitness enthusiast, this activity will help you gain some endurance and leg strength. See, that fits this proverb - To kill two birds with a stone!!!

La Perla

Your Guayaquil visit would be incomplete without visiting La Perla! It is one of the attractions to check out along Malecón 2000. Translated to “The Pearl,” La Perla was completed in 2015, becoming one of the largest Ferris wheels in South America. With an enormous height of more than 187 feet, La Perla is ready to offer you incredible scenes of the nearby flowing Rio Guayas River. Aren’t you excited, guy? Then, ask out your kids for this visit and spend some memorable moments with them.

Parque Bolivar

Catch some incredible shots of Iguanas at the Iguana Park or ParqueSeminario or Parque Bolivar. Don’t worry… these are names of the same park! It is a quick yet quintessential and iconic stop on a Guayaquil itinerary. Here, you can find Guayaquil’s resident land iguanas lazily hanging out right in the middle of the busy city. You will find visitors taking pictures of these spooky creatures and grabbing opportunities to play with them. If you want to do this too, then go to the Spirit Airlines Reservations to reserve seats for your entire family.

Isla Santay

Santay Island is a recreational protected area and is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. With the major attractions of flora and fauna, here you will find mangroves, tropical birds, reptiles like the boa, and mammals such as the anteater. You can also find peace from the traffic and honking horns on the busy streets of Guayaquil and enjoy cycling on its long pedestrian bridge. It is also an eco-village and offers a short boardwalk with platforms to view crocodiles.

Downtown Guayaquil

It’s time to go for an exciting shopping session with your family in downtown Guayaquil. Streets lined with trendy shops, classy restaurants, luminescent malls, and historic marvels, Guayaquil is the city you should never skip from the itinerary. Plan a day trip to explore parks, monuments, churches, and architectural gems. Find Municipal Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Iglesia San Francisco, Avenida 9 de Octubre and ParquedelCentenario, all in downtown Guayaquil. It’d be better to hire a local guide and go through the attractions of the city.

Malecón El Salado

Alongside Malecón 2000, Malecón El Salado also deserves some attention, guys! Giving a completely different vibe compared to the main Malecón 2000, Malecón El Salado should be included in your priority list. Here, you can spend evenings catching a cool breeze or hang out with your family and friends. Superb, right? Then make your decisions asap and book tickets from the Spirit Airlines Official site at affordable rates.

Guys, everyone needs a day out from the hectic work schedule and should plan an exciting outing with their family members. Then get up and book tickets to Guayaquil!!!

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