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Everything There is to Know About Canvas Photo Prints!

Everything There is to Know About Canvas Photo Prints!

Canvas Photo Prints have rapidly risen in the ladder of preferred home decor, and for a good reason. Not only do they add a touch of personalization to your home, but they also are incredibly cheap. As a result, people prefer to get canvas photo prints in place of framed ones as, despite the same quality, canvas prints are cheaper. 

With the rise in popularity of canvas photo prints, we bring you the following article with a detailed overview of what canvas prints are, how many types there are, and how to place them in your home aesthetically. 

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What are Canvas Photo Prints?

Canvas Photo Prints are a type of print done on sturdy canvas boards. You can print photo on canvas using advanced UV technology and even get them laminated to make them last longer. Canvas photos are available without frames, and they add a unique touch to any home. 

Canvas photo prints are printed on cotton or polyester, making them shiny and very attractive. This leads the prints to come out looking glossy and beautiful. In addition, these prints are made with high-quality printers using advanced UV technology, which makes them very durable. Also, if you choose to get them laminated, they can last even longer.

The best part about canvas photo prints is that they can be customized. You can choose pictures, designs, or themes of your choice to have printed on the canvases. 

Now that we know what canvas photo prints are, let us see why we should get them for our home. 

Why Canvas Photo Prints?

The main reasons why it is an intelligent choice to choose canvas photo prints are -

  • Durable- Canvas Photo prints are incredibly durable. These photos are printed on your canvas with the help of advanced UV technology, which makes them very sturdy. Also, if you get them laminated, they can last even longer. 
  • Cheap- Canvas photos are much cheaper than your regular framed photos. This is why many prefer to get these over framed photos. Canvas photo prints cheap on online websites like CanvasBubble to get stunning home decor at affordable rates. 
  • Economical- Canvas photo prints are an economical option as they are very cheap and durable. So these prints can easily last you for a long time, and you do not need to replace them anytime soon. 
  • Customization- One of the best parts about owning canvas photo prints is that they can be customized according to your style and preference. So you can choose from several designs, themes, photos, shapes, and sizes. You can also choose to upload your designs or photos and have them printed. 

Types of Canvas Photo Prints 

You can buy cheap photo canvas prints from online websites as well. However, you need to be prepared with the type of print you want. There are two main classifications of canvas photo prints, and they again have subdivisions. The main categories are:


  • Customized Canvas Photo Prints- You can always have our canvas photo prints customized. You can choose to print photos of your loved ones, pets, art, landscape pictures, quotes, or any meaningful messages. All you have to do is upload the picture or design you want to print on the website from where you are buying the prints. They will have it printed on the canvas board of your choice and have it delivered to your doorstep. 
  • Pre-Made Images- The website you are ordering it from will offer you a range of photos, designs, themes, etc. to choose from. These are typically pre-made and consist of generic landscapes or designs to please the masses. 

The subcategories are:

  • Single Panel- Single Panel involves printing your picture on only one canvas. This will allow you to hang it in the plain old classic way. You can choose to print multiple pictures on multiple canvases and have them arranged to form a collage on your wall.
  • Multiple Panels- Multiple Panels consist of printing a single image on several different canvases and arranging them on your wall. Many prefer arranging in a honeycomb manner made with hexagonal-shaped canvases. They will form an overall intimidating effect in a rather unique and fancy manner. However, you should make sure to choose the right parts to be printed on different canvases, or else they might look haphazard and untidy.

Uses for Canvas Photo Prints 

Canvas photo prints are used for a variety of reasons. They are -

  • Bulk Sell- Many sellers often put mass orders of canvas photo prints to sell in the market. Since these prints are done for cheap, sellers can re-sell them at an affordable rate and get many customers based on these canvas prints. 
  • Home Decor- One of the most well-known uses of canvas photo prints is for home decor. Many prefer printing photos on canvas to hanging them in their home. This is a very cheap and economical method of decorating their home. They can also get them framed or without frames according to their preference.
  • Gift- Canvas photo prints are great gifts for people. Many prefer printing a memorable picture of their friends on canvases and giving them housewarming or wedding presents. It is a very unique and personal gift idea that is also economical and useful.
  • Print of Artwork - Many cannot afford to buy framed artworks from prestigious artists. So they prefer to print a photo on canvas and hang them on their walls. Buy today canvas photo prints cheap on online websites after getting them customized according to your style and preference. 


Thus to conclude, we can say that cheap photo canvas prints are one of the best ways to decorate your home according to your style and preference. With the option of sizes, shapes, and the prospect of customization, you can mould these canvas photo prints to your liking. So when you sit to choose suitable photo prints for your home, we hope you keep the points mentioned above in mind to avoid any confusion. 

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