Saturday, July 31, 2021

8 Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes You're Making (And How To Fix Them)

8 Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes You're Making (And How To Fix Them)

Instagram allows users to share visual content that people love consuming and sharing. It has changed a lot since Instagram came into existence in 2010. Now the platform is equally focused on the video content as well, whereas initially, it used to be more of a photo sharing app. Instagram has given an opportunity to brands and companies to engage with their audience and display their products through appealing visuals. 

This Facebook-owned app is one of the fastest growing social media networks and it has continually expanded its users. Instagram offers some features for normal users, and some are exclusive for marketers or businesses. 

Instagram is now an important platform for companies offering digital marketing services as it has a gigantic audience base.  As a marketer, using it cleverly should be your first priority. 

Your marketing strategy can go for a toss if you keep repeating mistakes and outdated digital marketing strategies. Let’s discuss 8 common Instagram marketing mistakes you’re making and how you can fix them.

1. Brands don’t take their time to make proper strategy 

Instagram also requires proper strategy and plan to be able to make an impact. The platform provides various marketing features, which can be tempting to create content for every feature. But if you can’t maintain the quality, post it randomly, your effort is all set to go in vain. 

You need to set a goal before posting or sharing any piece of the content. Don’t rush, take your time and dig deeper to find what can be more engaging. In addition, don’t go for only brand promotion, the post has to have some value elements and human touch in it. 

2. Not optimizing bio properly 

Leaving your profile visitors confused is not good at all. In order to increase brand awareness and market your product and service on Instagram, your bio should not be empty or confusing. Instagram provides you fields for every required detail, so make sure to fill them properly. 

  • Add a proper and catchy description about your brand. It only explains about your business, but forms a positive impression about you.
  • It’s good if bio contains 1 or 2 keywords. 
  • Add the link to your website in your bio.
  • Use call-to-action buttons like - E-mail, phone, book now. 
  • Do not fill your bio with emojis and special characters. It will make your bio look cluttered. 

3. Don’t post too frequently and very less

Excessive posting and less posting, both of these scenarios are not ideal for your account and brand. If you are posting so many posts simultaneously, IG’s algorithm is not able to process and show every piece of your content to your audience. It can be irritating to your followers and can lose interest in your brand as well.

Posting very rarely is not a good idea either. If you don’t post for a long time, your engagement rate drops. Your following also goes down if you don’t serve value regularly. 

What to do?

  • It is absolutely okay if you post 1 post a day. But it has to be engaging and valuable.
  • Plan 3 – 4 posts thoroughly for posts for each day in advance and schedule them. But don’t forget to engage with your audience. 
  • Leverage Instagram analytics and insights to decide the timing for posting. 

4. Using irrelevant hashtags

You are doing the best possible damage to a brand if you use irrelevant hashtags. Instagram is a way for users to find content, so it's important to use hashtags related to your niche or industry. For example, if you are posting about digital marketing and using hashtags like #Food  #Fashion #Racing is not going to send the right people on your account. 

  • Don’t use spam hashtags.
  • Make sure they are not banned and are in use. 
  • Use hashtags related to your niche.
  • Vary your hashtags sets, don’t use the same set for every post.

5. Posting Boring content 

The same kind of content can be boring, this is also one of the biggest reasons if you’re experiencing a sudden drop in your engagement.

  • Don’t just post for posting’s sake.
  • Try to post entertaining content every now and then. 
  • Ask them a logical question.
  • Show some creativity in your posts.

6. Third party apps 

Instagram hates the snooping of any third party apps. They have recently announced that those who are using unnecessary third party apps to get engagement followers will face consequences. Instagram is removing suspicious and spammy accounts from the platform. 

You need to stop using apps that cause damage to your account. Use IG authorized apps to run your account properly. 

7. Not checking spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes are our life. Anyone can make spelling errors. But a minor spelling mistake can ruin your effort totally and don’t send a good message about your brand.

So, always check twice your content before posting it. You can use some online tools to check your grammar and spelling mistakes. 

8. Not Crafting caption properly 

The caption is the backbone of your post, it should be compelling and meaningful. Instagram gives you ample space to describe your post thoroughly. A well-written caption with your personal perspective gives you an advantage over your competitors. 

  • Write a caption that relates to your photos or videos.
  • Make it as catchy as possible.
  • Try to write a longer caption.
  • Insert call to action.
  • Don’t make any spellings and grammar mistakes.


Instagram has immense potential for every industry. There is no better place than Instagram to market your brand. It is here to stay for a long period of time. Using it smartly should be your main agenda. So, convert your followers into your customers, good luck.

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