Friday, June 11, 2021

Why Are Shoppable Instagram & Shoppable UGC Crucial For Brands Now?


Why Are Shoppable Instagram & Shoppable UGC Crucial For Brands Now?

Deriving revenue and user engagement from content posted on social media is a bit of a challenge. But, with social media marketing directly coupled with sales, it might not overwhelm. 

Shoppable Instagram is the solution that brands have been looking for. It enables them to sell directly through the platform, making it an indispensable tool to maximize while drafting marketing strategies. 

Brands are increasingly capitalizing on UGC’s content strategy by featuring feeds generated on their Instagram handle, on their websites, ads, emails, etc. This is because 70% of the consumers trust user-generated content more than any brand-generated content and are 6 times more likely to buy a product if it has UGC.

The Rise Of Shoppable User-Generated Content 

The line between content and commerce is getting blurred. Brands selling online are opening up to using content created by their audience on diverse marketing touchpoints. This is because social media channels introduce more advanced features to enable brands to conduct in-app eCommerce. 

Moreover, the competition in the eCommerce industry might have become brutal. Still, brands now have the freedom to try and test strategies that engage their audience, which has become inevitably important because the user buying pattern has undergone a major shift and is looking for experiences more than pushy sales. 

Shoppable UGC lets the potential buyers know the reviews of the branded products and get inspired about incorporating them into their lives. Turning UGC into shoppable UGC, brands can scale up their business effortlessly. 

Why has Shoppable Instagram & Shoppable UGC become crucial for brands now?

Build An Engaged Community

Engaged customers are going to stay with the brand in the long run and increase its ROI. 

Making your Instagram shoppable by showcasing shoppable UGC posts will ignite the curiosity of the users. They would look forward to knowing more about the experiences and impact that the brand users have had. 

Moreover, the fact that 75% of the users, if engaged with the brand, will take some further action, maybe visit the website, or refer your brand to their friends and family. 

Magnifies Website Traffic

Shoppable Instagram plays a contributing role in building the brand. It allows them to showcase products in a authentic way and lures the audience's attention. 

SpearmintLOVE witnessed a 12.61% hike in its Instagram traffic and an 8% boost in sales, month over month with Shoppable Instagram. 

The reason for this is tagging does not only briefly describes the product but also provides the users with a seamless experience. 

Gathers Easy Trust

Users trust faces more than they trust a faceless brand. Moreover, potential users take into consideration the reviews given by the existing users more than any brand-generated marketing content. 

Any review given on-site gathers attention, trust and increases conversion by 74%. 

Shoppable users’ content authentically markets for the brand and builds credibility in the minds of the users. As a result, they feel confident about investing in the brand and get excited about introducing the brand in their lives. 

Provides A Seamless Path To Purchase

The attentive, patient span of the customers has gone down drastically. As a result, processes that take a long time aren’t appreciated by the users. This makes it important for the brands to upgrade the users' shopping experience by seamlessly catering to their needs. 

By making Instagram Shoppable, users can check the products out, add the product directly into their cart and complete the transaction. 

This streamlined path to purchase lures them to check more products out and get inspired to buy further. This helps the brands to sell more. 

Better Reach And Brand Awareness

Shoppable UGC powerfully markets the products via word-of-mouth marketing, enhancing its reach by exposing the brand to a completely new set of audiences. 

This new demographic can further get hooked to the brand as UGC generates reliability in their minds and persuade them to check the brand’s deliverables out. 

The best part about social commerce is the boundless market reach and showcasing UGC further amplifies its potential. 

Over To You

Shoppable Instagram and Shoppable UGC might be a relatively new term, but its impact on its growth is magnificent. 

UGC influences 90% of the buyers; leveraging this fact can help a business grow and develop seamlessly. 

Moreover, Instagram is the hub of visual aesthetic content and creates an impact in the viewers' minds that stays with them for long. So this is yet another great opportunity for brands to encash upon. 

Now that you know why is Shoppable Instagram and shoppable UGC important for brands, why not draft marketing strategies that can ring a bell in your users’ minds, expand your reach and drive sales exponentially?

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