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Top Historical Sites to Visit in Hilo

 Top Historical Sites to Visit in Hilo

Hawaii has a special place in the pages of history. Mostly, people remember it because of Pearl Harbor, where Japanese air struck against the Hawaii naval base operated by the U.S. military. But there is much more to discover and learn about its hidden charms and historical sites. The coastal city of the Hawaiian island, Hilo is one such destination that every visitor should check out. With a unique blend of interesting rich cultural heritage and incredible culture, Hilo will never leave you bored and disappointed.

So, guys… make your plans and put this city on your tour itinerary. Take suggestions from your dearest ones, create a bucket list and book Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets to Hilo from the official website without any delay.

Naha Stone

Full of interesting local history, the Naha Stone site gives an interesting sight of the stone which was found on the banks of the Wailua River before being moved via a double canoe to Hilo. Many fascinating stories are related to the site as a common belief of the people. If you can lift the Naha stone, you will become king of the Hawaiian Islands, but if you try and fail! It will be a nasty death. Would you like to know more about them? Just ask out your loved ones for a Hilo trip.

S. Hata Building

A building from 1912 still remains in Hilo? Well, that would be your first question when you see the outstanding S. Hata Building. Plan a day trip to the historic building that survived two tsunamis and several storms. Today the building contains restaurants and stores and some offices on the second floor. Visitors love to take pictures around this building and make cherishable memories with their loved ones. Don't forget to appreciate the people who constructed this strong building. Pretty sure, you would love the architecture too!!!

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Built in the traditional style in 1915, St. Joseph Catholic Church is one of the perfect catches for tourists in the city. The church is famous as a wonderful place to meet people and greet new friends. An interesting fact related to the church is that this church has been moved three times to save it from lava flows. That sounds amazing, right? If you are making plans for this church already, then what is the wait, guys? Just listen to your heart and book tickets from the Southwest Airlines official Website without any hassle.

King David Statue

A marvel dedicated to the beloved King David Kalākaua who was the Merrie Monarch of Hawaii. Because of his patronage of Hawaiian music, dance, and culture, the king got a special place in the hearts of the people of Hawaii. Unlike previous rulers and leaders, he brought back the Hulu and other traditional Hawaiian arts and encouraged the local culture with gusto. Because of his political and cultural influence on the local people, a memorable statue was dedicated to him.

Hilo WWII Memorial

Go for an hour tour of the World War II memorial of Hilo county. A peaceful and relaxing place to sit and ponder the everyday work, the memorial is one of the must-visit destinations of the city. You can see 157 names of Hawaii Island World War II dead inscribed on top of the Vermont Danby Imperial white marble monument. Don't you think that you should make plans for this trip and make cherishable memories with loved ones? Yes? Then just ask out your close ones and give them a surprise visit.

Wailoa Center

Offering plenty of interesting artistry to love and explore, the Wailoa Center is designed as a gallery for many types of art exhibits and is worth a visit. Featuring the handmade works of a lot of excellent artists and skilled craftsmen in Hawaii, this exhibit lives up to the recommendation of past visitors. How about collecting souvenirs for your home wall display gallery? That seems really amazing, no? Then go to the Southwest Airlines Reservations portal and make seat reservations in advance for your entire family at cheap rates.

Hilo Daijingu

Experience the unique taste of the Japanese culture in Hilo. get an amazing opportunity to know about their cuisine, tradition, historic legends, and much more. A must-see place for anyone interested in Japanese culture. Authentic services and warm welcoming to visitors, there are even plaques helping newcomers learn to purify and pray. If something is really nice to cherish, on this island, make a Hilo trip. A great option to make a getaway plan with your near and dear ones, Hilo Daijingu is waiting eagerly for you!!!

King Kamehameha Statue

Being a nice place to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air, there is a historic statue dedicated to the Hawaiian King Kamehameha. A very distinctive place to get to and a great tribute to the King, you can get an amazing opportunity to learn some stories about him and his way to run the kingdom. Appreciate the Urns of fresh flowers that were placed at the base of the statue. Visitors love to capture beautiful pictures around the park and create some memorable moments with their close ones.

Haili Church

Make arrangements for your journey to Hilo and land yourself at the spiritual Ohana for many generations of families living in East Hawaii. Haili Congregational Church in the heart of Hilo is waiting for you with open arms. A unique architecture standing in the city center, the church will grab your attention surely. Make your mind then and book flight tickets for your family through the Southwest Airlines Flight Booking portal at cheap rates and enjoy your vacation.

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