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How to enter to the international market?

Small companies can access the worldwide market directly by selling items via a local distributor to export clients, by taking part in a joint venture or selling through a website with a local business partner. Each method offers a distinct cost, risk and control level for your organisation.

International marketing for small enterprises is a realistic and inexpensive proposal. You may reach foreign markets without significant investments and without the need to relocate your firm by promoting your items on the internet or working with distributors and agents in other countries. 

Things to Do

Your items must nevertheless be acceptable for foreign markets, and preparatory research should be carried out to discover the appropriate market prospects.


Preliminary market research is done before you determine which approach to pursue. On websites such as United States Trade Online, you may obtain information on worldwide market prospects and sources of assistance. 

Use the data on the website to determine which areas your items are in demand. To verify if you need to amend your goods, product name or packaging to meet local legislation or cultural standards, check for local business and security rules. 

The UAE Commercial Service, the Commerce Department's export promotion arm, is stationed worldwide and is a significant source of information for the general and the national sectors.


It is an easy, low-cost approach to access the worldwide market to sell your items on a website. Customers and prospects worldwide can at any moment access your website for items and orders. 

Prepare local websites to enhance your chances of success in major export markets. Provide native language product information with local currency pricing. Selling to worldwide clients via a website is ideal for items that do not require a sales person to demonstrate or explain.

Direct Sale

By selling to regions where demand has been determined, you may sell directly to export buyers. It is a straightforward and cost-efficient means of entering the worldwide market, but the time and resources you can commit for sales trips will restrict your potential sales.


Working with retailers will ensure you are locally present in your target markets, reducing your own requirements for sales and logistics. Distributors purchase from your items and resell them to clients themselves. You gain from local relationships and understanding of the market. An Import and export consultant can help you find good local partners. 

Training investment will enable distributors to enhance their product sales and market understanding. Although you have access to established markets through cooperation with distributors, you are minimally aware of the way distributors engage with consumers or advertise your products.


The benefits of local market expertise and connections also come through a joint venture with a local partner. Your commercial relationship in a local market is established with a corporation. The local partner can also decrease your company's risk of prejudice. Before establishing a joint venture, take legal counsel since some nations prohibit foreign firms to minority participation, thereby decreasing your effective control.


Profit from government help to small companies who are interested in developing worldwide operations. The Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau, for example, runs the USA Trade Online website, which gives useful information on market prospects and sources of assistance and exporters' information. Export and import statistics on hundreds of goods throughout the world may be found on the site.


Identify appropriate foreign products markets. You may need to change product specifications for particular markets in order to meet with local industry or safety standards and product preferences. It is also vital to verify that your package colours, product names and visual pictures have no harmful cultural effect.


Customise your product for local market requirements. Translate any content about the product, packaging, or user instructions in the local language and utilise your packaging’s and sale material with local currencies and dimensions. Provide the goods in the quantities or sizes preferred by local buyers. For example, in certain regions, your UAE pack size or minimum purchase amount may be too large.


Request assistance on marketing communications from an international sales consulting

Firm with worldwide agencies to discover the finest local media to promote your goods. Marketing agents may also help you build a brand identity which is suitable for your target audiences.

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