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Convenient travel guide for the popular Hampta Pass


Convenient travel guide for the popular Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is a beautiful mountain pass located between the Rahal Chandra Valley and the Kuru Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is the sovereign who opposes Indian travel. Every passionate traveler knows it. The countryside is incredibly rugged and amazing, and every traveler can be fascinated by the rich green landscape. Hampta Pass, a lucky barren mountain, is a travel paradise. Exploring the snow capped mountains with some greenery will make you feel like you are painting Bob Rose!

The magnificence of the peaceful mountains makes you leave it and love nature forever. As you immerse yourself in the sublime excellence created by mother nature, you finally become hypnotized and express gratitude for the heavenly experience of life! This is a practical manual specially prepared for you, the famous Hampta Pass.

Hampta Pass Trek - Overview The

Hampta Pass Trek is extraordinary compared to other travel obstacles that adventurers call it. It is called "Hampta Pass" and is located in the Pir Panjal region of Himachal Pradesh. A trip through the Hampta Pass will take you to the most peaceful and unspoiled lake. Chandratal means sickle moon, meaning the type of lake. Chandratal Lake is a blessing bestowed by nature to locals and travelers. Travelers often choose this place to camp and enjoy the peaceful scenery that has not been for a long time. You can enjoy your Hampta pass trek by choosing Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages, which are available online at reasonable rates.


The journey along Hampta Pas is very exciting and can be recovered from many angles. It is an ideal way to keep you away from the annoying daily life, forget your mobile phone and online media, continue happily traveling, and discover the magnificence and satisfaction of nature in the details that are easily overlooked. . The tranquility and tranquility of the snowy mountains of the setting will give you an indescribable trend, which can only be known from personal experience. It's safe to say, are you currently interested in the Hampta Pass? Is it correct to say that everyone is going to travel? Now we have to take a four-day trip through the Hampta Pass with our fellow readers!

These beautiful flowers dot the landscape and the majestic rocks form a unique landscape against the backdrop of the delicate flowers. From alpine forests to green meadows and moraines, you can see three different scene changes in the first two days. Once you can see a green valley on one side and a cold desert valley on the other. The initial side of the pass is a gradual ascent, which helps to successfully climb to the top, while the other side of the pass is a steep downhill path, which can provide all the peaks you are waiting for. Indrasan, Deo Tibba and Indrakila can be seen from the mountain pass. Crossing a stream of icy waters is one of the most exhilarating experiences on the Hampta Pass Trek, but it can be tricky. You will find two waterways during the walk. 

The trek is located in the Pir Panjal mountain range in Himachal Pradesh and is considered to be an easy to mid-level trek. The hike rises to a height of 14,100 feet at the highest point. The best time to visit is from June to September. The temperature is generally between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius during the day and between 0 and 5 degrees at night. As there are several high-altitude campgrounds on this hike, such as Seagoru and Balu ka Ghera, the temperature here even drops below freezing at night.

Arrival at Hampta Pass

The nearest terminal in Bhuntar, which is 52 kilometers from Manali, is the place to arrive at Hampta Pass. Then take a private taxi to Manali, from Bhuntar to Jobra headquarters. If you want to go on the road, you can also find numerous night shuttle services from Delhi to Manali. Your journey begins when you arrive at the Chobra headquarters at 9800 meters above sea level. You can cross hairpin bends and rough roads to reach Chika at an altitude of 10,400 meters. The journey usually takes about 3 hours, but you can hardly feel it because the magnificent green scenery and snow-capped mountains will fascinate you. Also, please remember that there are many camping areas and huts in Chobra Base Camp, so you will not encounter any difficulties with food and shelter.

Day 1-Chika from Balu Ka Ghera

After arriving in Chika, you can end in Balu ka Ghera, a camping area 11,900 feet above sea level. The journey from Chika was surprising and puzzling. You will end up being surrounded by rich vegetation, especially rhododendron trees, which are the endemic plants of this place. During the journey, you will also cross the Jwara Valley and some waterways and streams. The snow-covered upper part of Dhauladhar connects the whole scene and attracts tourists. You will find countless quality partners on the journey, they will continue to guide and follow you, looking forward to smiling everywhere.

Day 2-Barukaghera to Siagoru

After making the most of your time at the Barukaghera camping area, you can continue your journey. A steep uphill ride followed by a horizontal ride will take you to the Siagoru Valley in front of the magnificent snow-capped mountains. The truly flawless scene will remind you of postcards from the 90s, and you will eventually be fascinated by the excellence of the valley. The journey from Balu ka Ghera to Siagoru is 6 to 7 kilometers long and requires less time.

Day 3-Saigoru to Chatru

Chatru is another campsite located at Hampta Pass, Rohtang Pass and Spiti. It has less vegetation and steep mountains, so it doesn’t look like the previous camp. During your journey, you will be attracted by the snow-capped mountains, tranquil canals and deep mountain ridges along the way. You must dive 1,900 feet from Siagoru to reach the Chatru camp.

Day 4-Chatru to Chandratal Lake

The difficult journey ends in the magnificent blue of Chandratal Lake. Bow Lake is 70 kilometers from the Chateauroux campground. Since no one has to leave this quiet and peaceful camping area after a particularly brave journey, there are vehicles that will take you from Chatru to Lake Chandratal. Adventurers often find it difficult to say goodbye to this pleasant campground and like to immerse themselves in the excellence of nature as much as possible. This is the end of the travel route. Private vehicles and private vehicles will take you from Chandratal back to the Manali headquarters.

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