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9 Ways You Can Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Academic Goals


How To Improve Your Motivation For Studies

After a long, tiring day at school, all you want to do is to curl up in your bed with your favourite bowl of chips and binge-watch the last season of “The Crown” on Netflix. But you really have to work on your assignments and study for an upcoming test, and you know it. It’s just that you are just too tired to sit with your books. 

Trust me; you are not alone struggling with this situation. Thousands of others just don’t feel like it and lose motivation to complete their study target. They end up procrastinating and inviting last-minute stress and anxiety. 

Let's be honest; sometimes, it's hard to gather motivation to do your pile of homework, let alone studying beforehand for the semester exams. In that situation you wish for assignment help.

So how do you avoid procrastinating and motivate yourself to devote your time to studies?

Well, worry not – we can help you.

In this guide, I will explain some of the most effective ways to build up the motivation to study and stay ahead of your peers. 

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9 Surefire Tips Toppers Use To Motivate Themselves 

Understand why you procrastinate: 

The reason for procrastination varies by students. It could be:

  • Boring subjects 
  • Lack of skills and knowledge
  • Looking for the “perfect” time
  • Not knowing where and how to start

Knowing why you procrastinate with your studies is a crucial step to building up motivation. Once you identify the cause, you can adopt suitable strategies for an effective outcome.

Learn to divide and conquer:

Tackling a complex assignment can get overwhelming for most students. Even a 1000 words essay will seem like an enormous task if you try to attempt it in one go. That's why; learn to break your work into small, manageable chunks. Allocate time for each of those chunks, like setting a personal target. Attempting one chunk at a time will make the task less scary and help you focus. 

Identify your limits:

All students don't take a similar approach to assignment writing. While essay writing may be tough for you, it could be a fun task for others. If you want to stay motivated to study and do well in your exams, you MUST work on your challenges. 

For instance, let’s say essay writing is something that overwhelms you. Find a way to work on that and improve yourself. You can reach out to your teacher or hire a professional paper writer for custom writing lessons. In simple words, don’t let a challenge limit your abilities.

Chalk out a realistic study routine:

Yes, I know many you may find this tip pretty generic, but trust me, it's crucial. A well-planned study routine can motivate you to study and stay on top of the tasks. Unfortunately, not all students know the tricks to create a proper study routine.

I see most students fill their routines with assignments and projects without any break in between. Your brain is likely to get worn out just by looking at it. Set up a study routine that you would be eager to follow. Don't rule out the "break times" from your routine. Timely breaks will help you cut the monotony and boost your energy levels to study more.  

Be clear about your goals: 

One way of staying motivated to study is to determine why it is essential to you in the first place. We often tend to forget our long-term goals and give in to the present challenges. No matter how challenging your routine gets, don't lose sight of your goals.

If possible, make a list of the reasons why you must study and do well. It could be to get a high paying job, have a meaningful career, or even fulfil your parents' dreams – no matter what it is, get it on the list and paste it on your study table. So, whenever you feel lazy to study, go through the list.

Understand what you learn:

Another fundamental way of effective learning is to understand the topic rather than just blindly memorising it. Sure, sometimes memorising is necessary, but, mostly, try to derive a strong understanding of a topic before memorising. Once you understand what you learn, you are less likely to forget. And when you can easily recall what you study, the subject becomes less tedious, and you will get motivated to learn more on the topic. 

Try the POMODORO technique:

Understand that the human brain quickly gets tired, and when you study at one go, the risk is even higher. No matter how long you learn, bombarding your brain with too much information will do no good.

Use the POMODORO technique and study in short stretches. Here’s how you do it:

  • Pick a task and set the alarm for 25 minutes
  • Complete how much you can
  • Stop when the timer rings and put a tick on a paper
  • Once you complete three checkmarks, take a break for 5 minutes 
  • Repeat the process from step one 
  • After the four checkmarks, take a 15 minutes break
  • Follow the same routine from the beginning.
  • Study in a group:

Although some students prefer to study alone in the comfort of their homes, many students choose to study in a group because it keeps them motivated to work hard. A group study exposes you to new ideas, different learning methods and encourages you to pay attention to the study materials. 

You can set study targets for each other, making you liable to complete the work assigned to you. The thought of looking stupid in the group will undoubtedly drive you to give your complete focus to the task without zoning out.

That being said, I also should mention that large study groups can become distracting, which is why I recommend students to keep their study groups small, maybe 3-4 academically active students. 

Introduce a reward system:

Nothing excites anyone more than the thought of earning a reward after immense handwork. Make learning more fun by rewarding yourself. Every day before you sit to study, set a small chunk of the study goal and mention a reward for completing it. 

Didn't get it? For example, you have to complete your essay, math homework and prepare for spelling. Set study targets for each of the tasks. Every time you meet a part of the task, say your essay or your maths homework, reward yourself with something you like. 

It could be anything – your favourite snack, a walk with your dog or a 15 minutes game time. Such a reward system will make learning fun and push you to get more done for more rewards. 


No matter what you are studying, there comes the point when you desperately need the motivation to get everything done. Lack of motivation can be a major barrier in your academic journey. Hence, follow these tips, and with time and practice, you will eventually get into the habit of practical learning at home. All the best!

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