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What is Phone Extension and what Are the Benefits of Phone Extensions?

 What is Phone Extension and what Are the Benefits of Phone Extensions?

Phone extension is dialling short numbers so as to reach someone or some specific department which is part of an organisation. It is widely used so as to dial the important/main numbers or can be used when the calls are being transferred internally.

Now there are many organizations all around the world which believe in setting up their phone extensions so as to display the segments of their organisation. This way the inter-communication becomes much smoother and convenient for callers as well as the organization.  

Apart from that, it is important to know that these phone extensions run under private branch exchange, this is an organization of phone systems. This system provides voice mailing, call forwarding and various other features adding to the phone extensions.

This provides multiple benefits as it is an important feature of the whole phone system and many people are not aware of it. So, for them our blog will be guiding you throughout, then make sure you give it a good read.

The phone extension service allows one to :

Transfer the calls without any struggle, now this happens once you dial 6 digits phone number rather than a 10-digit number.

It simply avoids the mis-dialling process and one simply avoids the hassle anyway.

Now by the time the company grows with an increase in sales you get to reach the department of your choice without any pain simply by being in touch with the customer service team.

It would surely eliminate the confusion and the extension would allow forwarding your call anyway.


Now let’s discuss more on the same, so did you all know how to set up phone extensions. If you are clueless then give these points a good read and you will master this art too. So, in case you missed out read it out loud :

  • Start by signing in to the Nextiva voice portal as an admin.
  • Now having done that hit on the option which reads as “manage users”.
  • Select the “pencil icon” which is right next to the user one would want to alter.
  • As you scroll down hit on the option which reads as “ expand phone number section”.
  • Now you may simply adjust the telephone number and the extension of the user, having done that this would automatically alter the last four digits of whichever phone number you are using by that time, having done that you might have to switch it back later.
  • When you have done that hit on the save button afterwards and you are good to go. 

Now if don’t know “how to dial extension” you can simply follow these steps listed below :

  1. Start by dialling the number normally. 
  2. Then simply dial the extension as soon as someone answers the call.
  3. Afterwards you are supposed to wait and you will be anyway informed when the extension should be entered. 
  4. You are supposed to do it by holding the hashtag button and ending it by adding a semicolon at the end of the number you have dialled so far. Now, this symbol indicates wait. If by any chance you are using a windows phone then in that case you will need to write “w” rather than “a” and you will have to copy-paste it later.
  5. Once you are on the right track you will have to hit on the “send” option and with this, you are all good to go.
  6. You can also add the extension number, that is only in case you dial a lot of extension number then by doing so your extension numbers will be saved anyway.

Whereas a few users asked for the steps on how to call the number with extension, so I will be listing down a few important steps, check it out.

  1. Start by calling the desired number and simply open the dialler application.
  2. Mention the extension number afterwards and dial the number from your phone.
  3. Don't forget to add extensions to your contact list and dial the number as you would normally do. 

This was a general insight to make sure you don’t miss any information. Make sure you read and follow the aforementioned information carefully. We have carefully researched the functioning of phone extensions and provided you with the latest details.

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