Monday, May 10, 2021

Best Streaming Devices for Your TV in 2021


Best Streaming Devices for Your TV in 2021

The endless possibilities of entertainment have grown over the years. From the moment you are stuck with boredom, you don’t need to visit a local DVD store to buy a newly released superhero movie or spend money on purchasing a set of CDs to binge-watch shows on weekends. Gone are the days when you had to struggle and gather yourself to get entertained.

If you have a cable TV at home, things turn out to be easy for you. Just turn on the television, switch to your favorite channel, and watch anything you love to. In case, you have been searching for any reliable service provider in your area, you might be just one click away from finding the best one; follow the link by clicking here

However, if you are the kind of person who does not get time to watch programs aired on different channels, then streaming might be the best choice. There is no need to pay hard-earned money on something that is not going to be utilized in a proper way. 

To watch your favorite streaming platform, you need to invest in essential devices that allow you to watch your favorite original shows and movies. Just stick around and find out some of the essential streaming devices you need to look for in 2021. 

Roku Ultra 

In the recent past, Roku has gone through some major changes and one of them is the Roku Ultra flagship model best suited for cord-cutters. The device features Dolby Atmos sound, a collection of streaming services including the Apple TV app, and 4K HDR. Roku Ultra was the first-ever non-Apple device that supported the app where the user can access iTunes and access other resources to buy or rent. 

In December 2020, HBO Max also stepped in to join hands with Roku. HBO Max joined the army of other apps available on Roku devices for the best streaming experience along with support. Roku’s interface has become a mess in recent years due to the bombardment of advertisements despite the fact that they are for the Roku channel. If advertisements annoy you, you might consider some other alternatives such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon. 

The interface is however user-friendly that allows easy navigation. One of the features also includes voice control and dedicated remote keys for easy control and accessing services like Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix. 



Remote with Dedicated Keys and Voice command

Expensive as compared to other streaming devices 

Works great with wired internet 

Supports 4K and Dolby Vision

Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google Chromecast is yet another streaming device that offers you ultimate performance in terms of usability. Especially the newest version has taken a major revamp, resulting in better performance and usability. 

Chromecast Ultra in the past needed a separate laptop, phone, or tablet to stream Chromecast. But recently the addition of Chromecast with Google TV brings everything within itself including a collection of services. 

You can also cast apps from your smartphone or tablet, but the on-screen selection is a better way to find your favorite movies and TV shows on the screen. Integrated with the new Google TV, Chromecast offers you access to a library of apps. Some of the services Movies Anywhere and Vudu initially offered only SDR and HD videos. However, HDR and 4K video content are added to it. 

The design of the new Google Chromecast is in the form of a puck shape that hangs from the HDMI port of the TV. Moreover, the latest version also includes a voice remote with Google Assistant to help you control the device with your voice. 

At times, the device often lags and you may encounter glitches as well. But for a $50 device, Google Chromecast is one of the best devices to look for streaming. 



4K support

The interface is not friendly 


Wired internet connection is missing

Voice remote for easy control

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is another streaming device you can consider adding to your home entertainment only if you are willing to pay more. Apple TV 4K supports both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. The device allows you to access a huge collection of streaming services. The device also supports Dolby Atmos for better audio. 

Apple TV 4K also supports HBO Max which makes it a perfect choice for those who have already subscribed to the service and paying for it. The performance of Apple devices is exceptionally faster than any other device and so does the Apple TV 4K. The interface is friendly and intuitive and does not lag at any instance. The device is a one-stop solution to fulfill your streaming needs whether it be Netflix, Disney Pus, or Amazon Prime. 



Friendly and Glitch-Free Interface

Remote is not easy to use

Easy to navigate


Support high-end televisions

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is an inexpensive device for a cord cutter that fits right into the HDMI port on the back of the television. The device supports 4K HDR playback and offers an Alexa voice remote to help you control most of the functions including play, pause, stop volume, and much more. The device works with almost all the major streaming platforms including Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Amazon Fire Stick is part of the Amazon ecosystem, therefore the device is compatible with other products including Echo Dot. Command the device with your voice and never use your hands again. 

The device is also an affordable device for cord-cutters that offers Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. But keep in mind that Prime Video won’t be supporting those formats.  Moreover, some of the major apps including Google Play and Peacock are also missing. 



Supports 4K streaming

Major apps like Google Play and Peacock are missing


Dolby Vision 

Compact and mobile

That’s all for essential streaming devices for your television in 2021. If your goal is to save more money by spending less, make sure to consider these devices for a low price.

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