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Wash the carpet yourself - this is how you do it right

Soiled carpets are not a pretty sight. Sooner or later, hygiene or aesthetic concerns dictate that the carpet should be washed or cleaned. This incurs costs that some would like to circumnavigate. Hence the question: Can you wash your carpet yourself - or should you entrust it to a professional ?

We as carpet cleaning are often called to wash the carpet ourselves after unsuccessful attempts. Sometimes it's too late by then and even the professionals can't do anything. That is why we have decided to write a short guide in which we describe how smaller, light and inexpensive carpets can be washed in the washing machine or bathtub yourself if they are only slightly dirty

However, there are a few things to consider here - namely:
  • Material,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Temperature,
  • Wash cycle and
  • Weight when wet

Some materials require special care. Many carpets made from natural materials are better off with professional cleaning due to their delicate fibres. Material and cleaning agents must be compatible. Wool carpets require different cleaning agents than synthetic carpets.

Please note the care recommendations, which are often found on a slip of paper on the underside, to determine the appropriate washing temperature. If there is any doubt about the material or the appropriate washing temperature, professional cleaning or carpet washing is the wiser choice.

Some carpets need a wool or gentle wash. Others can be washed at low temperatures on the coloureds program. This cleaning option is often useful for bathroom rugs. Decisive for the question of whether you wash the carpet yourself or not, should be the carpet size and the estimated wet weight of the carpet. Both of these can overwhelm your washing machine. Also bear in mind that carpets with long or short pile can become matted in the washing machine, this effect can be observed especially with flotation carpets or false sheepskins.

But cleaning the carpet is definitely worth it. After washing the carpet, the pile will be wonderfully clean. You will feel much more comfortable walking over it. The carpet will make a lot more of a difference in your home - regardless of whether it provides glamour, cosiness or a feeling of the Orient.

If you miss some information or are unsure how best to wash your carpet, you can also order the carpet from us. We will pick up the carpet at your home. We recommend this without exception for higher quality carpets.

Material science and tips for cleaning

The best way to clean a carpet depends primarily on the material of your carpet Some carpets have a note on the back that explains how the carpet should be washed. It is best to find out more when buying a carpet and to ask the seller. You should make a note of the care instructions and tips for treating the carpet that you asked for.

As a simple basic rule, you can remember: Materials such as cotton or synthetic (e.g. polyester) are the easiest to care for. Smaller carpets made of such materials can easily be washed by hand or on the delicate program of a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, the following applies: natural fibres such as sisal, coconut, raffia must never come into contact with moisture or be subjected to carpet washing. Any dirt or stains should be treated selectively. To do this, a damp, soft cloth is moistened with a little liquid detergent.

Since natural fabrics are mostly braided, an old toothbrush with soft bristles can be helpful. The carpet should get as little moisture as possible, as moisture causes natural fibres to swell. This leads to unsightly waves and bumps on the treated areas. In addition, unsightly water marks form due to moisture.

The most sensitive fibres can be found in carpets made from natural materials such as silk, leather or animal skins. Care should be taken with these carpet materials in order to maintain their beauty. In the case of sensitive carpet materials, it is not advisable to remove heavy soiling yourself. A leather carpet can become wavy or appear washed out if it is improperly washed.

Basically, most people do not have an industrial washing machine with a capacity of more than eight kilograms. For this reason, carpet washing at home is only possible if the carpet is small in size and cannot store a lot of moisture. This is the case with synthetic runners, for example. Every time the washing machine is overloaded, the machine threatens to malfunction, so you risk destroying not only your carpet, but also your washing machine. Therefore, if you want to wash a larger carpet, you should go to a vending machine laundromat.

10 tips for washing carpets in the washing machine

If the washing machine has enough capacity for your carpet and it is accordingly easy to care for, it is no problem to clean the carpet yourself. There are limitations to this rule when it comes to a heavy shaggy rug or a rug that is difficult to fold and has a high dry weight. In this case, ordinary washing machines are not suitable for washing carpets.

If you would like to wash your carpet yourself, we have put together a few practical tips here. It is worth taking this advice into account before cleaning the carpet.

1- Find a place to dry in advance - a carpet rod, for example, but a flat, clean surface is better. You can use this to spread the wet carpet out to dry. After washing the carpet, your carpet will be significantly heavier. The subsurface should be suitable for absorbing water. In an emergency, lay out the wet carpet directly on the lawn or on a covered terrace. Lay the carpet flat to dry to avoid dents and dents. When wet, your carpet is particularly sensitive and can - similar to laundry on the clothesline - deform unattractively.

2- Begin the cleaning action of your carpet by carefully vacuuming and patting it. On rag rugs there are crumbs and grains of sand between the braided loops, which the vacuum cleaner does not often remove.

3- If you have four-legged roommates, you probably know how difficult it is to remove pet hair from carpets. It is best to use a rubber brush or a glass squeegee, such as you might use in the shower or for cleaning windows, and clean the carpet in the direction of the grain.

4- Particularly stubborn stains should be retreated so that they disappear after washing. The sooner you take care of the stain after painting, the better. With red wine it is advisable to sprinkle salt on the stain when it is still wet, otherwise mineral water is a good home remedy to prevent worse.

5- Carpet fringes can get tangled in a washing machine. To be on the safe side, you should use a laundry bag so that your carpet is not damaged. Torn or knotted fringes look ugly. They disturb the overall picture.

6- Only use detergent or mild soap specially adapted to the material to avoid discoloration.

7- Please ensure that you use a wash cycle that complies with the manufacturer's instructions. If in doubt, a wash cycle with a low temperature and spin speed should be selected.

8- Always put your carpet alone in the washing machine. Other textiles should not be washed in order to achieve an even cleaning result.

9- Never use a dryer when washing your carpet. The moisture should be able to evaporate evenly. In addition, conventional dryers do not have the capacity to take up wet carpets. Avoid blow-drying your carpet to make it dry faster. Use two or three rain-free days for washing and drying carpets.

10- Since a dirty carpet is usually washed in summer, only light-colored carpets should dry directly in the sun. The colors can fade from the sun's rays.

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