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How To Make A Difference As A Nurse


How To Make A Difference As A Nurse

Those that enter the nursing profession do so primarily to make a difference. Every nurse will have one thing in common, and that is that they care, so every nurse will want to make a positive difference to the world with their work. So how can you go about doing this? 

There are lots of ways that you can make a difference as a nurse, and it is worth reminding yourself of these from time to time so that you can improve your performance and find inspiration even on those challenging, stressful days, which are inevitable with this role. Read on to find out a few of the best ways that you can make a difference as a nurse.

Listen More

One of the most important skills that a nurse must possess is excellent listening skills. This will not only include listening to what other healthcare professionals are saying but also what the patient is saying. Nurses provide both cures and care, so you need to be a good listener and do all that you can to support and form connections with your patients. Being in a hospital can be scary, but when you have someone who is listening and clearly cares, then it can be much easier. Additionally, you also need to listen carefully to the families of patients and check the patient data do all that you can to support them and help them to understand what is happening.

Go The Extra Mile

Following on from this, as a nurse, you must always be willing to go the extra mile. It is hard to make a difference when you are doing the minimum, so making the extra effort, whether this is spending time with patients after a shift ends or helping out a fellow nurse with another patient, is important and will provide extra job satisfaction (as well as help you to stand out for all the right reasons).

Support Your Colleagues

While nursing can be competitive, there is also a strong sense of community amongst nurses who pull together and provide support for one another. Nurses understand their value to the healthcare system but do not always command the respect that they deserve, which is partly what bonds nurses together and creates strong relationships. You would want your fellow nurses to provide support and assistance when you were struggling, so you should do the same to be a team player and to create strong relationships at work.

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Treat Overall Wellbeing

A nurse should also look past the individual problem that a patient is experiencing and take a broader viewpoint of their health and wellbeing. This might mean taking a holistic approach and identifying ways in which the patient could develop a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, which will hopefully stop them from coming back to the hospital in the near future. Doctors will often simply fix what is in front of them, so as a nurse, you should take a broader viewpoint and find other ways to help your patients.

Continue Training

There is always more that you could be learning as a nurse and the best ones are those that continue to study. In addition to helping you to process your career and earn a higher salary, this will also enable you to provide much better care and really make a difference with your work. Becoming an FNP is one of the best ways to do this as FNPs can provide high-quality care across all age ranges. Plus, you can earn an online qualification which makes it easier to fit into your schedule. You can learn more about how FNPs can promote quality patient care and how to get qualified at this website.

Improve Organizational Skills

It is hard to excel and give every patient the best level of care if you are not organized. Organization needs to be a key strength for any nurse, which will allow you to prioritize your workload, make better use of your time, and provide the best possible care to every patient. This is challenging when you work long shifts and have to juggle many patients, but it is possible to improve your organizational skills, and you might be surprised at the difference that this makes, not only to the care that you provide but also to your own stress levels. 

Look After Yourself

Leading on from this, it is hard to make a difference as a nurse when you do not look after yourself properly. Self-care needs to be a priority for a nurse, which will include getting enough sleep and rest, eating a healthy diet, finding ways to de-stress after work, and spending time with friends and family in your free time. It is challenging to look after yourself when you have long hours and stressful work, but making this a priority, creating schedules for your free time and small steps like batch cooking meals can be effective. You can find a lot of good advice online for looking after yourself as a nurse, which could make a big difference to both your performance and life.

Be Compassionate But Avoid Becoming Too Attached

One of the hardest aspects of being a nurse is being compassionate but also being able to draw a line so that you do not get too attached. As a nurse, you will naturally be a caring and compassionate person, but you will also be dealing with traumatic events and death every day, so you need to be able to handle this. This is a skill that is developed over time and, although it is never easy, it is possible to be caring but not let this interfere with your work or private life.

Nurses play a key role in the healthcare system, and it is one of the most rewarding jobs that there is. These tips will hopefully allow you to excel in your role and really make a difference, which will not only help to improve patient care and increase job satisfaction but could also help you to stand out and advance your career.

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