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13 timeless styling tips revealed from top fashion designers + Stylists

 13  timeless styling tips revealed  from top  fashion designers + Stylists

Think about this:

If you want to learn about something you desire you will go to the person who is already there where you want to be.

In other words:

Learn from people who are already there where you want to be.


It will save you a lot of time and struggle to figure out things for yourself if someone else has already discovered it. 

Why search for something that other people already found a long time ago?

This article will terminate your search for styling tips. I don't want you to aimlessly walk through the world of style. This post is your new compass. Use it as an instrument of direction in a world full of  spectacles, beauty and changes. You will get the best styling tips I could find on the internet from people who are already there where you want to be.

Now  you can learn from experienced people.

Let's go.

1. Take me serious

Women who love fashion are stupid. All they can do is think about makeup and clothes. 


What you just read is a prejudice many people have towards style loving women.

And this leads us to our first tip by Anna Wintour. 

In an interview with Vogue she said that “Fashion is serious” 


Because it is a reflection of our culture. There is much more to fashion than silly jokes. 

What can you learn from that?

Begin to take yourself and the way you dress seriously. Honestly. If you don't take yourself seriously who else would?  Your outfit is your outer visit card which leads me to the next point. 

2. Dress up

Let me ask you something:

What is screaming louder than your voice?

Your outfits.

Before you start to talk even before you start seeing other people, people have already seen you. 

So the second tip Anna Wintour gives is to being dressed. 

What does it mean?

To say it directly:

Stop dressing casual and start dressing up.


Dress up, do not dress down. You want to be taken seriously, remember? Now you know where to start.

At this point I have to mention that a lot of fashion experts are following the same principle of dressing up rather than dressing down. Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford are two of them. 

In one of his quotes Karl shameless said “ The person who wears joggers has lost control over his/her life”

As someone who dedicated his life to being a fashion designer he must know what he was talking about.

In case you are wondering why you can’t be productive and suffer from lack of motivation, this is the reason:

You do not dress properly.

And what if I go to an interview? 

Anna Wintour has the answer.

3. Who are you?

“We are not hiring your wardrobe”. 

Mrs Wintous is clear and direct. 

If you want to dress for an interview, dress who you are. Dress for yourself and don’t fake it. It is so boring to see people all dressing alike when going to an interview. The competition is real and the only way to win is to be the best version of yourself. 

If you struggle with finding your style, subscribe to my blog. You will get all the knowledge you need to successfully win the game of style. Of your style. 

Ask yourself:

Who am I ? 

How can I show it in the way I dress?

And now:

Do you know how you can instantly dress individually so that people always recognize you even years later? 

Keep on reading.

4. That’s so Sarah

You go shopping and see a striped blouse. Instantly you think about your friend Sarah and think “ Ahh that's so Sarah.”

What is the secret behind it?

How can your style become so iconic that other people can directly say “That’s so you?”

Tom Ford has the answer:

Have a signature style.


A signature style is the most personal way of expressing who you are.

Let's go back to Sarah. Your friend. 

Her signature style is striped blouses. Every day she is wearing them in different colors, varieties, brands and patterns but one thing remains the same: The stripes on the blouses.

And that is exactly what it means to have a signature look. Something you wear everyday is something that is becoming you and people around you notice it and remember you.

Examples of signature style:

  • Karl Lagerfeld: Always in black glasses and black gloves
  • Tom Ford: Always in suit
  • other examples
  • You never wear jeans
  • You always wear full denim
  • You always wear colorful socks with black sneaker

Take some time to write down what your (desired) signature style is and start dressing like this. Every day.

Side Note: Some stylists and fashion designers always wear the same type of clothes because it helps them in the decision making process and also in knowing what not to buy because they are constantly surrounded by beautiful clothes and not knowing one's signature style would drive them into bankruptcy because the temptation of buying clothes all the time is real.

Simplify your life by having a signature look. Everyone will remember you. Nobody can ignore you.

5. Your skin is key

Another advice from Mr Tom Ford. 

Dress to your skin tone. 

He said that most people are naturally drawn to the colors that look best on them. However if you want to learn more about how you can find the color that looks best on you.

The right colors on your body will emphasize your natural beauty and make you look younger, healthier and overall glowing. On the contrary if you are wearing the wrong colors you will look washed out, pale and tired. Take your time to really ask yourself “What colors look good on me.” Once you know them stick to your 3 best colors when you buy clothes. It will help you in your decision making process. 

6. Know the rules + Break them

Rules, rules and again rules.

Everywhere we go: Rules. Rules to behave in school, rules to teach you how to behave in public and the list goes on.

And guess what:

The world of style undergoes rules as well.

But the good thing about it:

Know the rules to break them.

This principle applies to  the world of style not in official organisations.

The rules of style dictate what looks good and what not. (Read my other articles to know more about it). Once you know them you can see what works for you and what not. Rules give you a form of direction but are never laws. So check out what works well for you and go for it. 

But what do you gain if you know all the  styling rules in the world but still miss one thing.

The thing I am talking about is:

7. Never wear anything you are uncomfortable in

Comfort is key. 

Comfort is what makes you confident.

Note: comfort = confidence

Be aware:

Uncomfortable and unfamiliar are two different things.

Back to Tom Ford:

He is wearing a suit every day in every situation. Most people are unfamiliar with this lifestyle and as a result they  think:

Hmm suits must be uncomfortable. 

According to him that is not true.

So we as women can learn that we can become familiar in wearing blazers with suitable pants. Formal women's wear can be comfortable; you just have to get familiar with it. Start with wearing a blazer at home for the next 7 days and check out if your attitude and overall feeling in this outfit will change.

8. Pursue elegance

The woman who represents elegance in her works as a fashion designer and in her own life is Carolina Herrera. She is having the belief that women should pursue elegance because this is what they want deep down.

Looking put together and polished.

That’s elegance.

With her advice in mind you can look for outfits that emphasizes your femininity in an aesthetic way. I am not talking about trashy outfits. No I am talking about the elegant way of dressing (fitting outfits and the right materials e.g silk). 

9. Wear accessories creatively

Think outside of the box. Point seven talked about knowing the rules and breaking them.

 And here is how:

Wear accessories creatively. 

Princess Diana, a style icon for lots of women in the  1990’s  and still is for some) gave the tip to wear your accessories in a creative way. 


She used her necklaces as headbands.

What do you learn from this:

If you purchase accessories, play around with the way you wear them. Another good example which demonstrates this point perfectly is the way people play around with their belts. From shoulders to legs.

10. From the inside out

“ I have never known a really chic woman whose appearance was not, in large part, an outward reflection of her inner self.- Mainbocher (1890-1976)

The quote illustrated that your beauty comes from the inside out. Chic women reflect outside what they already have inside. 

As a tip: Start working on your inside and it will automatically reflect on the outside. Take inventory of your inner self and write down how you can express the best version of yourself in the way you dress.

 11. Layer it 

The most basic outfit in my opinion is Jeans, shirt and sneaker. 3 items that almost everyone is wearing at any time in any place. Stylish women are more than that. An outfit instantly becomes interesting if you start to add more layers to it.

Lauren Messiah, a famous personal stylist, is giving the advice that you can layer with cool jackets. “Adding layers to your look will instantly make you look more stylish” 

12. Swaps

Lauren Messiah

Make a swap: Instead of blue jeans wear leather pants.

Instead of your boring black jacket wear a statement jacket.

My tip: Look at your outfit and take one item you want to swap out. If you feel you are too casual swap your shirt out with a blouse. If you feel you are too overdressed, dress yourself down by wearing a pair of sneaker.

13. Advanced styling tip

The last tip is a more advanced styling tip.

If you have made it until this point


And because you have been so patient  here is the tip:

Play with prints

Again, Lauren Messiah said in one of her Youtube Videos to mix prints together. 

The reason why this is a more advanced styling tip is because you need the right eye for that in order to differentiate between the right and the wrong mix. Some mixes simply don't look good. In fact it pains the eye. 

For the ones who are creative and think outside the box.

Last words

Most fashion and style experts repeat themselves and say the same things. At the end of the day it is all coming down to the fact that you create your personal look that looks best on you. While some people promote dressing up other designers promote streetstyle and jogging pants. 

What was your greatest advice?

Which one of these tips was most helpful to you?

Did you miss anything?

Are you willing to apply one of these?

Comment down below.

I am excited.

Erika Irabor

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