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Top 8 back designs for blouses from 2020

Top 8 back designs for blouses from 2020

Who said that Saree can be your attire for the cocktail night or your best friends bachelorette? A Saree can do a lot more than your actual imagination. The work of a stylish designer plays a big role here, when the blouse designs are made into the most integral part of the entire look. By that we mean the blouse back design, which is the main part of the entire look. 

Backless- Blouse back design

You will love these designs, if you have interest in Sarees. Backless blouse back design is as simple as it sounds to be, but it is extremely beautiful and tailored like a “Boss” piece. It is self explanatory and has two main parts. Firstly the cut of the blouse, second the shape designed at the back side. It is attached in two ways, firstly with strings and tassels and the other one, with hooks. 

Hooked- Blouse back design

These blouse back designs are simple and elegant with the decency. The entire design is just good old tailor cutting and stitching. With a joining back hook. That hook is the main part, it can be five to two in number. The cut of the design is the main twist to the entire look. 

Tassels- Backless Blouse design

A tassel is basically a big part for this simple blouse back design. Here, the entire look is dependent upon the tassels that is used to highlight the look of these designs. Tassels are the main attraction for these sort of blouse designs. 

Heart Shaped- Back Cut Blouse design

The blouse back design is not entirely plain basic, and opened. Whereas, is tailored into a beautiful heart shaped cut, which is similar to a “Spade card” or “betel leaf”. Surprisingly, this is really popular design, among women who have just started wearing sarees. 

Net or Georgette- Blouse Back design

This simply isn’t backless, instead of that the back of this blouse designs are covered or embroidered using a translucent material like net or georgette cloth. If the colour of the blouse is dark, then the adjacent cloth is used in the lighter shade. The blouse back design is simple, but covered with the help of these kinds of clothes and materials. 

Royal or Temple- Back stitched Blouse design

This sort of blouse back designs are more common among the brides. Women who have their weddings in hand, incorporate these sort of designs into their style manual. The back hand side of the blouse is well embellished or embroidered using colourful stitches, stone, crystals, gems and mirrors. A perfect bridal sider, and a very good choice for a party. 

Box or Square- Blouse back design

As simple as a circle or oval shape cuts, but here the blouse back design is tailored like a box or a square shape. Designers often considered this as a safest option for almost all kinds of figures. The structure of the built isn’t even under consideration, because each woman looks amazing in these kinds of blouse designs. 

Strings backless blouse designs

Like tassels and hooks, strings are actually a support for the blouse. It is cup in the front portion like a braiser, and has an attachment of strings as a blouse back design. Some people prefer to keep the simple strings as the only support to the blouse. While others prefer to accentuate it as an additional option with secondary supports like hooks or side chaining. 

Women who love dress, have heard about all the above designs at least once in their life times. The beautiful design of this wears are mostly associated with the back cut. The blouse back design plays a big deal, in basically accentuating the true beauty of ethnic and Indian wears. 

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