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Significance Of Trademark Registration

 Significance Of Trademark Registration

A trademark is a precious asset for any business where it is referred to as the brand name in legal terms. A trademark could be any name, word, symbol, numerals, device or combination of these that could be graphically represented. Such a trademark could be registered and hold a lot of benefits. A trademark is a unique symbol that differentiates your products or services from others. 

A good trademark is distinct and is the one that is easily remembered and spoken of. Moreover, it also influences the brand’s reputation and eventually the decision of the customers while having a purchase of your products or services. Apart from the reputation there is a list of legal and other benefits of registering your trademark that you surely might not want to miss! Just scroll down to know them. 

Exclusive Rights over the Trademark

The trademark registration allows the owner to enjoy its exclusive rights over the trademark. In this regard, all of the products falling under the same category could be used with the same trademark. Once you get your trademark registered, you can achieve sole ownership of the mark and it restricts others from making unauthorized use of the trademark under the similar class of registration. Furthermore, the owner also gets the right to sue anyone who is found infringing their registered trademark. 

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Establish Trust

The quality of your product or services that you have established for a long time is known by everyone through your trademark. This is how trust and goodwill take place among your customers in the market. The trademark registration has a major role in retaining the customers, hence creating a permanent customer that will choose your brand over the others and will stay loyal.

Product Recognition

A trademark is a great way to attain the recognition of your product’s quality. It is because the customers associate the product’s quality with the brand name and its image that is established in the market. Gaining the product recognition through registered trademark will attract new customers as well because they could now assess the quality of a product through its logo or trademark. 

A Valuable Asset

You can submit your trademark for registration then check its position through trademark tracking software. Once you get the trademark it will serve you as a valuable asset as it is an intellectual property of your organization. Your registered trademark gives you the right to sell, assign, franchise or commercially contract it. Moreover, being an intangible asset the trademark is significant to the business. 

Protection against Infringement

It is the most beneficial and prominent benefit of registering a trademark where you get full right over your mark. No other person could use the wordmark or logo that is registered with your trademark. However, if it is found using your trademark without your approval, you can legally get the protection under the act and stop the person indulged in infringement. 

Protection for 10 Years

Registrations of trademarks online have low maintainability cost. As you register the trademark, you only have to pay the maintenance cost and the cost for renewal and that too after ten years of the registration of the trademark. It is a cost efficient way to create a unique image of your company.

Easy Hiring

A company or organization with a registered trademark has the benefit of pulling off a reputable image in the market. The energetic young minds strive to be associated with big brands. Of course when you are an organization with a registered trademark it will automatically attract the candidates towards you. This provides ease in the hiring process. This further reduces the cost used for hiring and other relevant activities. 

Use of the Symbol ®

You can use the symbol ® on your logo once your trademark is registered. This actually states that no one could use the same mark for their product. The registered trademark offers you exclusive rights and usage for the mark. 

Furthermore, it is necessary that you go through the trademark public search before registering your trademark. The search has the advantage of knowing any of the similar marks as yours before time. This saves you from getting indulged in any legal issues in future.

The Final Word

As you go through the whole read, you must have got a clear idea of how significant a trademark is for a business or organization. A distinct trademark with unique characters would let you stand out among your competitors. It provides you a distinguished position where no one else has the right to use your mark. 

If someone is found guilty of infringing your product in any way, you have the right to sue against them. In short, trademark registration is necessary to save your product or business. The money and time you invest in standing your business must be protected through a registered trademark. 

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