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Business Intelligence Examples in Education Sector


Business Intelligence Examples in Education Sector

Schools, colleges, and universities are always awash with data. No matter how many members join forces and try to handle data and make possible conclusions out of it, a new set of information/data appears in front of them which makes the previous data useless. So, what is needed now are business intelligence tools that can fulfill the purpose. Through business intelligence tools, data can be handled within hours rather than days, weeks, or months. Therefore in this regard, we present you some business intelligence examples in the education sector which has saved a lot of time and effort for the people working in this sector.

The Student Relationship Management:

A specialized SRM concept is applied to academic institutions which involve the automation and synchronization of different academic processes. These academic processes are academic advising, consulting, and many more. It is associated with Business Intelligence concepts and technologies and is used to obtain knowledge about students. 

The aim of SRM is to improve the student experience, reduce dropout rates and also improve organizational efficiency. By improving student experience, we mean to implement such processes and mechanisms that can closely monitor student’s academic activities and then give assistance accordingly.

Use of attendance dashboard:

Another example of the use of BI tools in the education sector is the attendance dashboard. With the help of an attendance dashboard, an essential view of student attendance is provided to the teachers. With that, each student’s overall progress is also known to the teachers or even the administration.

When they have an updated data of the student’s attendance and work progress, they can easily make deductions out of it. You can also checkout Tableau Dashboards as those are easy to create and very interactive. In order to grasp the tool, getting certified in Tableau will be very helpful. Here are best Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions available to pass the certification.

For example, rather than waiting for termly or year-end reports, the attendance dashboard provides teachers an early warning of potential drop-out or about a particular progress of a student. This red flag on the dashboard can then easily prompt tutors or administration to intervene beforehand and prevent the situation from getting worse.  

Use of BI360 software to keep low cost and increase enrollments:

BI360 is a software that is used in the education sector to increase performance and keep the cost low and increase enrollments. This is a cost-effective solution used for reporting, budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and more. With the help of this software, educators are able to,

  • Calculate the funds required.
  • Assess and track the progress of their organization,
  • Develop an administrative process by lessening the costs.
  • Similarly, focus on developing a cost-effective budget. 

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Data analysis through BI tools:

Education sectors use different BI tools for data analysis that helps them make decisions easily and also give reports on academics faster and easier. Business intelligence tools enable the administration to have all the information they need on students and also about the organization and how to keep it running. When they have all the information in a proper form, results can then easily be deduced out of it. And this is all because of the BI tools that data analysis has become this much easy and faster. 

Use of BI tools to reduce management complexity:

Not as large as universities, primary and secondary schools share many of the same reporting and business problems causing their operational budget to reach tens of millions. This much amount cannot be handled easily by a human brain. And this is the part where BI tools come to the rescue. With the help of BI tools, schools, colleges, and even universities are able to reduce the management complexity and can get a clear picture of their operations. The BI tools are used to display all such data in a visual format that can be then analyzed easily. Then, results can be decisions can be made based on these visuals. 


As you can see, BI tools have become an eminent part of the education sector as well, as they have helped the education sector to deal with huge data more easily. But one problem that we have seen here is the inability of most educational sectors to use BI tools. Since the majority of the people in this sector are unaware of the BI tools and how to use them, so they prefer to stay away from them. And that is why we would suggest not only identify these tools but also learn to use them properly.


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