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5 Different Types Of Logo Designs

 5 Different Types Of Logo Designs

Logos are used to make a visual symbol or representation for your company. Making a unique and stylish logo can be difficult because there are tons of logos in the market. Your logo should look different than the rest available in the market. Choose a modern and simple logo design for your company.

There are different types of logo designs, you just have to choose the best one that you think will help to express your company idea. In this blog, you are going to find the best logo design for your company.

Simple and Modern Design:

This type of design is as simple as you think because you can just write your company name in different styles to make it your logo. Further, you can even add a simple picture to express your brand. For example, if you are making a logo for any restaurant, adding a food bowl with the name of the brand will help you to express easily. 

These types of modern designs are most preferred nowadays because they get more views than the difficult ones. Moreover, you can create some modern eye-catching logo designs simply with the help of free websites. However, the only con of this design is you have to precise and to the point. 

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Abstract Logo Design

A clever and creative mind can only understand abstract images. You can express multiple thoughts in one abstract image. The concept of abstract logo design is the same, create an image that speaks multiple thoughts at one time.

It is not easy to make this type of design; you need a creative mind for making an abstract logo. There are tons of ideas available on the internet, before making your logo do some research on abstract images. There are different shapes and styles that you can use to make a unique logo. It is the best choice to make your logo popular and expressive. 

Word-marks Logo Design

A simple and easy way to make your logo look unique and creative. In this type of logo design, you have to use your company name only with no symbols or images. Simple words in different font styles can be your logo, easy right! one of the best examples of this type is the logo design of Google. Simple words are used in different colors; anyone can understand this logo easily.

These types of logos are usually used in making any social media profiles, browsers, and website icons. You can generate word-marks logo design easily. Just follow simple steps to make a logo design, you can even get some help from logo design industries.

Emblems Logo Design

A logo that has some traditional and cultural meaning behind the words or symbols is known as an emblems logo design. You can use different symbols, icons, pictures, ad badges that have some traditional meaning behind them. 

These types of designs are mostly used for schools, educational institutes, government offices, or any organizations. This emblems design is one of the oldest types of logos but still used for many institutions. 

The trend of an emblems logo design is not going to end anytime soon. Not only government or educational institutes, but some companies prefer these traditional types of logo designs.


Letterforms logo design

One of the minimalistic types of logos to express your brand. It is the type of logo where you use any letter or initials of your brand to make your logo. It is difficult to make one letter logo, so before making it you have to do some research to understand how to make a letterforms logo. Get some ideas from the internet.

You can use different colors in your logo to make it look creative. A famous example of this letterform design is the logo design of Netflix. A simple one-word letter in gradient colors gives it a unique and modern look. This is the easiest way to create a logo design for your brand but the only problem is that there is not much space to add creativity.

However, you can design your logo with a logo maker from PhotoADking. It offers tons of ready to use templates, just choose your design and customize as per your need. 

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