Thursday, January 21, 2021

Why Shopify Stores should go for Live Stream Commerce?

  Why Shopify Stores should go for Live Stream Commerce?

A new phenomenon is sweeping across the online shopping experience and is witnessing massive adoption all over the world. Live stream commerce, or more simply cited as live shopping offers a unique way to brands and retailers to establish connections with their viewers and retain their buyers. The phenomenon started in China and now is being embraced all over the world.

Apart from e-commerce, be it fashion, food, tourism, or consumer electronics, live commerce is making its way into all industries.

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Benefits of Live Streaming for your Brand

Live video leads to real engagement

The content created via video streaming is unedited and never seen before which draws viewers’ attention and urges them to engage. Viewers like, comment, or show engagement via emojis.

As everything happens live, video commerce allows for real-time interaction, which creates an opportunity for you and your viewers to ask each other questions, share opinions instantly, and indulge in discussions. This connection establishes a better relationship between your brand and your targeted customer base.

Live Commerce Grows Your Audience

Reaching new and larger audiences is always a challenge for brands. Live commerce is an effective way to broaden your brand reach and ultimately grow your audience. Here are some of the ways to do:

  • Show your Customers Behind the Scenes
  • Carry Out training sessions
  • Invite industry experts for interviews
  • Collaborate with celebrities and influencers
  • Host giveaways and Q&A sessions
  • Do live unboxing of products

All this will help you to build excitement for your audiences and this can be a big marketing plug for your brand as well.

Better brand exposure

Video commerce gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand in an unfiltered manner hence you can showcase your brand values, your ideology, your history in a transparent way. Apart from educating your audience about your brand and products you offer, video commerce is a great way to show your company culture.

Furthermore, it allows you to promote your brand with an outcome that will be much appreciated.

Creates Urgency

Unlike the content that is available at viewers’ disposal, a live stream is available for viewing one time only. This creates a sense of urgency that can push viewers to shift from passive to active engagement. 



Live-stream e-commerce allows you to connect with your audience in a way that the entire shopping experience becomes fun and entertaining. It combines commerce with entertainment which makes the whole experience more engaging and unique. 

So we just saw how Live-stream e-commerce can be beneficial for your brand. Now if you plan to launch your own live commerce platform what’s better than leveraging Shopify for the same. 

Among several e-commerce platforms available for brands and retailers, whether they are budding new startups or established international brands, Shopify is a popular one. Here is why hundreds of thousands of merchants around the globe have chosen Shopify to run their online stores and generate revenues.

  • Being a plug and play solution, Shopify is easy to use
  • It can handle a large inventory 
  • Has a number of built-in tools
  • Integrates with social media for added sales channels
  • Offers you to sell across different platforms
  • Offers tons of payment gateways has come up with a live commerce app for Shopify, which the Shopify owners can install from the Shopify app store and start streaming.


Store owners can use this easy to install plugin for Shopify live commerce to boost buyer engagement, enhance product experience and increase sales.


Here are some of the key features of the Shopify Livestream Plugin:


  • You can host live and interactive sessions
  • Launch and showcase products
  • Sell and promote of your choice
  • Leverage analytics to gain insight on audience engagement 
  • Share events on various social media platforms
  • Engage with viewers in real-time and conduct live polls

If you don’t have a team of developers at your disposal, our Shopify Livestream Plugin is a great option for you with no coding or any technicality required.


Livestream e-commerce, as a medium of commerce, is more social, engaging, and educative which results in a better understanding of products. Plugin for Shopify Live Commerce is designed for the Shopify owners to help them reach their audiences, grow their businesses, and ultimately meet their goals without reinventing the wheel.

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