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Using Coupons: 11 Tips to Get Started

Using Coupons: 11 Tips to Get Started

Coupons change the way you shop! You may have seen one of those TV shows where a shopper uses an incredibly large amount of coupons to bring her grocery bill down to just a few dollars and cents at the checkout. "If I can do it, everyone can!".

The first time you learn how to redeem coupons, you may feel overwhelmed. How do I find time to study? When will I cut out and organize all of these coupons? Is it worth the time and effort?

Once you have the tools and knowledge to use Project Repat coupons, it will be well worth the time couponing. With a cart full of groceries, you can be walking in and out of a grocery store in no time and save 50% or more! I'll show you step-by-step tips and tricks on how to find, cut and save exactly that with coupons. Use the following 10 tips as a guide to cash out coupons:

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1. Choose a business. Pick the grocery store that you shop at most often so that you can focus on your couponing skills first. It can be too overwhelming for an inexperienced couponer to keep track of all sales in all of the stores around them and coordinate trips to all of them. Usually, stores also have a minimum purchase amount to receive items for sale.

2. Familiarize yourself with your shop's voucher policy. Every business has its own rules for coupons. Keep up to date with the rules of the store and don't waste time planning purchases with coupons that your store won't redeem.

3. Sign up for coupon websites. To do this, open a free email account. If you were looking for "couponing" some of the top sites should come up. Subscribe to their mailing lists for free printable coupons. Also, join websites for products that you use regularly that you know you will buy. These companies value brand loyalty and regularly offer coupons for their products on these websites. Diapers, granola, and laundry detergent are just a few that come to mind.

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4. Have a simple system. Most reputable couponers have large, impressive looking folders packed with coupons in clear plastic sleeves - leave those systems for future couponing.

5. Connect your system to your business. Use a file slot or envelope for each aisle in the store you selected. Place your coupon by aisle and also write your shopping list by aisle. Keep an envelope or clip open for the coupons that you know will be used. However, bring all coupon with you every time you go shopping.

6. Start clipping. If you already got coupons with your newspaper, start with these. Perhaps a friend, relative or neighbor has coupon inserts that he does not want or need. If you wish, you can start by purchasing the Sunday newspaper for the coupon inserts. However, if you are just starting out, do not buy multiple copies of the paper for the inserts of coupons from a clipping service. If you don't use these extra coupons, you have wasted money instead of saving it. The coupons that you only have on hand from paper and the Internet are enough to get you started.

7. Stick to a schedule. Select one day / evening per week to "edit" coupons; H. Cutting out coupons, printing coupons from websites, archiving them, checking your business newsletter, etc. This will ensure you never miss out on much.

8. Keep track of your time. Make sure you know exactly how much time you spend on coupons and purchases, and compare that time to the amount you spent on just purchases. This indicator can help you decide whether it is worth using many coupons for you.

9. Keep track of your savings. This combined with tip # 8 will help you decide whether coupon will be paid out for you. If you're really not saving that much money and spending more time than you want to, couponing might not be for you.

10. Rinse regularly. Nothing is more frustrating than having a great coupon (which will double!) That matches a great item in store, only to find out at the checkout that that great coupon has expired! Include an expiration date review in the schedule you set to make sure it never happens. It can also be helpful to keep the coupons in order from oldest to newest (in the respective file).

11. Follow a coupon website. You can subscribe to your favorite stores on this website. They regularly send you newsletters. You can also visit this website regularly to make sure you don't miss a coupon. I like They cover almost all known businesses in Germany. For example Gigi Pip coupons coupon, Project Repat coupons coupon, Alain Dupetit coupons coupon.

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