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From Streaming to Shopping: Live Streaming opportunities for Ecommerce


From Streaming to Shopping: Live Streaming opportunities for Ecommerce

With the coming of Covid-19, Live Stream Shopping has consequently become quite trending as it allows the purchase of products directly from a live stream which involves seeing products in action leading to better purchase decisions and engagement.

Thus, live streaming has become the best source of revenue across the entire world. With live streaming, one can display products and broadcast live videos over different platforms, websites, or social networks.

Online merchants can thrive in the e-commerce market by providing customers with the comfort and the best shopping experience online and live streaming has become an opportunity for merchants to do so.

The emanation of online payments and e-wallets has made live shopping more feasible. With such an option many customers tend to purchase products instantly. 

Opportunities offered by Live streaming Commerce

With live streaming, you get a chance to create, watch, and share videos of products in real-time just like shopping on TV. Viewers can also join a live-stream and ask all the queries they had related to products before finalizing the purchase.

  • Improves buying experience and boosts sales conversion rate
  • Boost click ratios and content is shared multiple times
  • Helps in increasing brand engagement and retention
  • Provides an instant solution to queries of a customer reviewing a product.
  • Offers visual shopping experience

Hence with a live commerce platform, the online shopping experience becomes interesting, engaging, amazing, and worthwhile. 

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How to make your Live Stream effective and engaging?

Choose the right audience: As we are aware that live-streaming needs the involvement of viewers, thus you need to add the right set of audience on your page and then live stream.

Furthermore, before making content for your live - stream you need to understand the type of product and audience you need to target with those products. Customers can differ based on age, gender, region, and so on. Once you are aware of your target audience you can alter your streams accordingly

Improvise customer engagement: By opting out for varied real-time engagement features like hosting live polls, trivia, quizzes, etc there are chances of improvised customer engagement. This drives potential customers towards your products and services. Also, through live-streaming, customers can clear their queries and also can experience products more realistically.

Make it convenient and easy: People often think that live streaming is complicated and technical to understand but on the other-hand live streaming is simple and easy to do. 

Host a Q&A session: Besides just the display of products, live-streaming should always include a Q&A session as doubts and queries of customers need to be resolved first. Once queries are resolved and customers have a clear vision of products, they are more likely to purchase and come back to you in future.

Multiple Casting of a stream: You can cast your streams on different platforms to reach more audiences at the same time. The greater the reach, the more the customers, and the revenue.

Collaboration: Create a buzz for your brand by collaborating or inviting influencers or celebrities to your live streams. People trust these known faces hence they get attracted to your stream when you collaborate with such prominent personalities. You can invite them to your product launch or product demonstrations and drive engagement.

Running Flash Sales: This can be an effective way to grab the attention of viewers towards your product and push them to shop.

Host Giveaways or Live Contest: Apart from a good shopping experience, customers today look for entertainment as well. Live Commerce is the best way to offer entertainment to customers while they shop. This can be done by hosting giveaways or conducting live contests.


Live streaming e-commerce is a niche that fosters real-time engagement and captures buyers.

If you are willing to increase your targets and want to sustain your eCommerce business then a Live-streaming solution can play a vital role.

With the help of our solution, you can engage with your customers by creating an interactive and entertaining environment on your stream. If planning to pursue Live streaming commerce or want to start or build an even more successful and worthy business visit our website.

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