Monday, January 11, 2021

6 Decisive Ways To Improve Your Business With The Zomato Clone App


6 Decisive Ways To Improve Your Business With The Zomato Clone App

The food delivery business has become a popular trend among people with the development of the Zomato Clone, as everyone owns a smartphone in this era or the pandemic era, to be more specific. It is because of the fundamental reason that no one wants to get out of their homes to get highly infected due to the coronavirus. At the same time, people, especially foodies, won't want to miss out on their craving for favorite cuisine or dish. And that is where the food delivery apps come to their rescue. 

This is evident from looking at the astronomical success that the apps like Zomato, DoorDash, UberEats are gaining. And now, if you are looking for similar success, you can begin to create an app like Zomato, which can be customized to your goals and needs as a business owner. For a lucrative business, you can make it convenient enough for food joints to provide dishes worldwide to the food lovers via a platform that would link the food cravers, eateries, and delivery workers. 

But hold on. Before you start further, let's know some essential tips that could contribute to the success of your food delivery app. 

Let's get into the subject now,

Smart and advanced search filters:

The mobile app should contain a search bar that is sophisticated enough to display eateries available nearby. Using the filters, users can search based on their preferred cuisine, reviews, and vegetarian/non-vegetarian dishes. After which, the app must display results that match the preference and criteria. 

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Best UX and simple UI:

Make sure that the interface of the app would help users in finding cuisines, menus, restaurants, order status, and other statuses through a rich design. By integrating the contact information in advance, users, restaurants, and the delivery workers can get in touch with each other quickly. After receiving the order, users should be able to upload their reviews and feedback on their choice. 

Integration of multi-payment gateways:

Apart from the cash-on-delivery option, the app should provide a range of payment options such as eWallets, UPI, credit/debit card payments, and net banking. You have to ensure that it is safe and secure from hackers and that they are easily accessible for the customers to make payments. It also applies to the restaurants and delivery workers, where the restaurants can send/receive payments, and delivery workers can receive payments in a secure way. 

Special discounts and offers:

The app should, from time-to-time offer the best and special discounts that can save users, money on the orders, which would have cost more when visiting the restaurants. The best deals are always known for optimizing sales and increasing loyalty. Also, ensure that you have integrated an intuitive calculator that calculates the final price for bulk orders and to calculate some discounts with the order if any. 

Effective use of notifications:

The push notifications or alerts will be of significant help to the delivery workers since they would get updated about a specific order and where the order should be delivered. From the perspective of restaurants, it helps them to get updated about the location of the delivery workers and if the order is paid successfully or not. 

From the customers' perspective, it is essential for them to know if the order has been accepted or declined by the restaurant and to know about the payment status, estimated time of arrival, and the position of the delivery executive. 

Order handling:

Since the market is filled with a lot of competitors now, handling a business at just an average pace is not advisable. Your app should manage to provide several orders at a fast rate. It would also help you to gain a competitive edge because instant and on-time deliveries are what is expected from you by the customers aside from providing their favorite dishes at affordable prices. It will help you to conquer from all sides.

On a Final Note,

I hope that this might be of help to you while launching a food delivery app like Zomato. Experience the joy of launching a feature-rich and sleek Zomato Clone app, which allows you to achieve success in no time!

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