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5 Ways Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Small Business

  5 Ways Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Small Business

At the beginning of your business venture, it can be a struggle to make a decision on where you think’s best to invest your money in marketing. You’re in a crucial stage of wanting to attract as many new customers to your business as possible without eating too much into your budget.

Email marketing campaigns are considered one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to your audience without having to spend too much money. When you think about it, you’re being able to contact potential customers in a place that they check practically everyday - their inbox. To ensure you get the most out of your email marketing channels, here are 5 ways email marketing can help your small business if you’re just starting out.

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Building credibility

Building a brand takes time and with the correct processes and service for your customers, it’ll instil trust and credibility from your customers, having them come back for more. Email provides a prime opportunity for you to do this. Newsletters are a great way to inform your customers about the business and the latest news, as well as imprint your logo and brand identity into their minds because it’s consistently being shown in the email template.

With the correct styling and messaging, users will become more familiar with your brand and what you’re about which will have them coming back for more for what you offer, because they trust your brand and what it stands for. They’ll also be reminded of it whenever they’re out and about if the styling and colour choices that you have for your brand are iconic and stand out.

Strengthen relationships

They always say in business that your existing customers are just as important as the ones that you attract, and it’s true. When customers trust your brand and use you several times, they’re likely to keep you in mind at the top of their buying journey and are more likely to part with their money more easily because they’ll know they’ll get the service they need having used you several times.

Email can achieve this by constantly teaching your customers about what’s happening in your business. They can engage with your emails and become more familiar with you as a brand. This can be particularly effective during your slower and festive periods as it can prepare your customers for future purchases and also feel they’re keeping up to date with what you’re doing even when you might not be that busy. 

Improve communication

Anyone will tell you that effective communication is a must in creating healthy relationships. The same goes for relationships between businesses and customers. You need a reliable platform that allows you to communicate effectively with your customers and keep them up to date with what’s going on.

Sometimes, technologies such as phoning in or web chat services can be rather tedious and can have customers waiting in long queues, losing their patience in the process. Email’s can be reliable to inform customers immediately about any issues or problems, making them appreciate that they’re being kept up to date with information.

For example, say there has been a suspicious login on the account that hasn’t been recognised in your system. By altering customers through email, they can be pinged immediately and confirm whether or not that has been the case. 

Increase your sales

When customers opt-in for your newsletter services, it immediately provides an indication that they’re interested in some form of service with you, whether it be significant or not. This creates a prime opportunity for you to think differently about your sales and how you can boost them.

Are you having a slow day? Why not send an email promotion with a discount code to entice customers to shop with you? This is why email marketing is considered one of the most effective strategies in marketing, because the impact is instant. 

It has notifications landing into your customer’s inbox immediately without having to get them to search for you instead. It alerts them of any offers or discounts that you have and has them more likely to click on the call to action that you have in the email. Leading them directly to the relevant section on the site could have them scrolling for hours if the email is crafted well and it’s sent at the right time.

Generate leads for long term

It’s fair to say that any customers that initially signs up or requests email requests won’t be completely invested in the brand. They’re at the start of their purchasing journey and building relationships requires patience to capture a customer's attention before they really consider buying from you.

This is where email marketing can be extremely useful. With the correct email marketing strategy, you can nurture the relationship with your customers over time with helpful and informative content. Once the customer sees something that they may be interested in through emails, they’ll head to other platforms to make a purchase with you, such as call you up or make a purchase through the website. Alternatively, inputting call to actions in your emails can create convenience for your customers and lead them straight to the page that they want to purchase from.

Is email marketing right for you?

Are you building a small business and are wondering what marketing channels could be effective for you? Would you have considered email marketing? 

As you can see above, there can be many positive benefits to utilizing the strategy for your business, particularly if you’re just starting out. Whilst there have been more digital marketing channels that have grown over the years such as social media, email marketing is probably one of the most cost-efficient and effective digital marketing channels available for small businesses.

If you’re getting third-party help, be sure to discuss this with your design agency to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing strategies. They can put in place a guideline of how to generate more click throughs for your email but also ensure your branding is well visualised in your email campaigns. 

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