Monday, January 18, 2021

5 ways employers can play an essential role in Covid-19 vaccinations

 5 ways employers can play an essential role in Covid-19 vaccinations

Countries worldwide are rolling out massive drives to vaccinate citizens against covid 19. India will conduct the biggest vaccination drive on 16th January, offering vaccine shots to more than 3 lakh frontline workers on day 1. 

But amongst all this good news, there is some bad news as well. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the vaccine. Some sections of society — including employees, older adults, and some health workers — are skeptical about it. It's due to various reasons like non-availability of critical data and the rumors around vaccine development. 

Some vaccines haven't passed the third round, and others have been developed in haste. Employers can play an essential role in strategizing covid-19 vaccine implementation to provide transparent data regarding vaccine efficacy and allocation. 

This article will discuss 5 things employers can do to strategize covid-19 vaccination drives and safely pan it out. 

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1. Educating your employees will play an essential role in strategizing the covid-19 vaccination drive.

You must know about the challenges — cultural, financial, and political — that your employees face. People are developing a negative attitude towards vaccines based on hearsay. 

Employers can play a significant role in drifting away baseless notions by spreading educational materials backed by research. Strategizing covid-19 vaccine roll out plans requires to do away with all kinds of fears that people have. You need to understand your employees' varying demographics, educational status, and beliefs so that you can create better engagement plans. 

You should conduct surveys regularly to understand your employees' current situation and what they are looking for. This data will help you strategize the covid-19 vaccination drive effectively.

2. Communicating with your employees will play an essential role in strategizing the covid-19 vaccination drive.

Adopting the right communication strategy is an essential part of making any movement successful. And the same holds for strategizing the covid-19 vaccination drives. You have to take care of two things. Firstly, you need to spread the right information. 

And secondly, you must assign the right people to distribute that information. You can appoint someone as a representative who can collect employees' doubts and queries. This representative will work as an intermediary between the company and the government agency/experts to provide solutions to the employee's questions. 

As an employer, you should set a formidable example by getting vaccinated. This step will encourage others to follow your lead. 

3. Plan the covid-19 vaccination drive effectively.

An employer's role in strategizing covid-19 vaccination is significant. It would be best if you began by setting up information centers that provide real-time information regarding the vaccination drive roll out by government health agencies. Supplement it by delivering new data regarding virus mutation. For example, a new genetically mutated version of covid-19 named covid-20 has been found in Britain. 

Many of your employees may feel discouraged to come to the office and ask for work from home (WFH) options. You need to make quick decisions and adopt an agile work approach. Also, be sensitive to the employees' cultural demands, challenges, and concerns.

4. Incentivizing positive behavior will play an essential role in strategizing the covid-19 vaccination drive.

An employer's role in incentivizing positive behavior will go a long way in eliminating the virus. You must create policies that ensure timely salaries to employees, no/fewer job cuts, and no/marginal salary cuts. As an empathetic employer, you must provide paid time off for vaccination. It's crucial to understand the various challenges that different types of employees are facing. You can divide your workforce into the following three categories:
  • Freshers
  • Married
  • Older adults
People belonging to these three categories face contrasting challenges and require a different mindset to solve them. 

Here are the two most important things you can do as an employer:
  • Set an onsite vaccination camp.
  • Encourage employees to take the second dose if need be.

5. Implementing a top-notch CRM software will play an essential role in strategizing the covid-19 vaccination drive.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will play a significant role in managing the covid-19 vaccination drive. 

The success ratio of the points mentioned above depends on it. CRM software will help you capture real-time data and statistics and how the government is rolling out plans for the vaccination drive. It will also let you gain employees' feedback on the company's vaccination drive and know their specific challenges. 

CRM system is essential software that enables you to perform sentiment analysis and understand employee behavior conveniently. This information will help you brainstorm your covid-19 strategy based on data and not on emotions.


Today is the time when employers should step up and take corrective actions to end the pandemic. They should collaborate with government bodies and healthcare agencies and strategize how to vaccinate all their employees. They must develop the required infrastructure to conduct the vaccination drive conveniently and suppress anti-vaccination sentiments so that more people show up at vaccination centers.

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