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Top foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen

 Top foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen

Testosterone hormone plays an important role in our body. It is the single hormone which is responsible for masculinity in males. Besides its role in the reproductive system, testosterone plays a role in fat distribution, muscle mass, red blood cell production, etc.

A normal growth of testosterone hormone leads to growth of secondary features in males that are associated with masculinity like body hair, and muscle growth. Low testosterone levels increase chances of erectile dysfunction in males. 

For males, it is essential to keep estrogen levels low, while maintaining the high level of testosterone. It has been observed that an increase in estrogen levels reduces libido in males. But instead of popping up pills to boost the testosterone level, get food that increases the level and lower estrogen levels naturally.

Cruciferous Vegetables –

Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, turnips, etc work at both levels. The indole 3 carbinol in cruciferous vegetables gets converted into estrogen in a less harmful way for males. The increased level of testosterone leads to muscle mass, more energy, loss in weight and improved intimate life.

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One of the favorite items of seafood lovers, tuna is protein rich, but calorie less food. It packs vitamin D and leads to an increase in testosterone levels. In addition to tune, the other sea food items such as cod, salmon, etc also help a male to keep up testosterone levels. The added benefit is that omega 3 fatty acid reduces obstruction in the path of blood flow. Smooth blood flow ensures a healthy erection reducing dependency on Generic Levitra 60 mg , prescribed by doctors for higher erection difficulties.


Zinc and protein rich oysters are essential in puberty to develop to the full potential. In adult life, oysters in diet ensure that testosterone levels are maintained throughout the active years. Any male with deficiency in zinc level faces low testosterone level. So add oysters in the diet if testosterone decline is due to zinc deficiency.


add mushrooms in the diet as part of salad or extra ingredients in omelet to get estrogen to low level , while boosting testosterone production . Study published in a journal of nutrition mentions that white mushrooms are highly beneficial in maintaining testosterone levels. Another study even revealed that green tea with fried mushrooms had a greater impact on reducing estrogen hormone in males. The experts believe that lower estrogen levels will indirectly boost testosterone levels.


Red grapes

Resveratrol and other polyphenols in the skin of red grapes are the biggest contributors of male health in this fruit. They have an aromatase inhibiting effects in the body. Resveratrol not only increases testosterone levels, but lowers estrogen production.

Resveratrol, study has shown that, converts cholesterol into testosterone. No wonder red grape juice was one of the favorites of kings or emperors. The added benefit of red grapes is an increase in nitrate oxide, which pushes blood circulation down under for an erection.


Shellfish is a zinc rich seafood. Zinc deficiency is often seen in males with low testosterone levels. People who can access seafood should include shellfish in their diet, as three servings are enough to fulfill daily zinc requirements.


Quercetin, a flavonoid in onions, decreases estrogen level. A study that was conducted on rates saw a massive increase in testosterone level. Onion consumption improves blood circulation by cutting obstruction in the path of blood flow. It has been proved medically that onions increase drive and lower cases of erectile dysfunction in males. Increase onion intake by adding in salad, or finer in omelet.Some studies have also supported its use as a natural alternative to recommended ED medicines such as Generic Levitra 60 mg or other equivalents. So, if you find it tough to get it up, watermelon juice could also help.

Importance of testosterone

With ageing, testosterone levels decline in males. The decline starts after  30 and continues throughout life. The decline is just 1 % annually. The declining levels lower libido and hasten erectile dysfunction. It is often found that males, who rely on Sildenafil citrate 200mg a higher dose for boosting erection, are low on libido. Low libido is a direct result of declining testosterone levels. However, a healthy diet keeps testosterone levels at the optimum level and prevents deterioration in sexual health.


Testosterone boosting food items fulfills the daily requirement for ingredients needed for increasing and maintaining testosterone level. Younger males keep themselves in optimum health, while seniors maintain their health and increase energy level through testosterone boosting food.

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