Tuesday, December 29, 2020

​Space Crunch? Smart Home Furniture Options You Need to Know!

​Space Crunch? Smart Home Furniture Options You Need to Know!

If you live in a city like Mumbai, you will not be new to the issue of space crunch. And there's nothing important than eliminating that cluttery furniture that occupies your already petite home. When it comes to designing your home, buying a Chesterfield sofa is the ultimate solution for your space issue, thanks to its compact design and efficient use of space.

Keep reading to know how simple home furniture options will not only help to get rid of the space crunch but also give your home the edgiest look!  

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables also referred to as stack tables, are multi-purpose furniture concepts that is chic, elegant, and give your home a modern touch. 

The tables are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. The table comes in a set of four or five, each smaller than the other and is placed underneath each other. This piece of furniture is lightweight and can easily be arranged as per the requirement. The versatile table fits every corner of your quaint little home, from the living room to the study room and from the garden to the terrace.

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Sofa cum bed

Do you avoid inviting guests at home worrying about where they will sleep at night? Then the sofa cum bed is what you must opt for. Even though sofa cum bed is not a recent introduction when it comes to interior designing, but today this piece of furniture comes in amazing options to choose from. The best part? It does not occupy much of your floor space. 

What's more? It comes with storage space. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying a sofa cum bed, such as if you require a single bed or a double bed, is there a storage shelf underneath it, is it a pull-out bed or if the bed folds backward, etc. Make sure you choose the color and texture based on the location you are going to place it.  

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are one of the smart furniture options for small homes. Whether you love boho rustic or urban, corner shelves are available in a range of options. You may even customize them based on your requirements. If you are bored with readymade shelves, then you may even opt for DIY shelves. These shelves come in handy with simple installation and are budget-friendly.  

Vertical Storage Shelves

Struggling to fit all your belongings in your tiny home? Then vertical storage shelves are the ultimate solution. Well, let us tell you vertical storage shelves are not as boring as it sounds. 

There are numerous options to choose from. If you have a studio apartment or an open-plan layout, shelf partitions work as partitions as well as storage. 

You may even install trays and racks in vertical shelves for some extra storage space. Shelves with racks and trays are a perfect option for kitchens. Headboards are another clever option for small spaces. If you have a TV unit, installing shelves and cabinets around it may not just save your floor space but also gives some extra storage space. 

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are perfect options for small spaces and are wider in size as compared to the regular ones. Ottomans are often used as a footrest. 

The piece of furniture can be placed in living rooms as well as guest rooms. This home furniture is available in a range of colours, styles, textures,s, and upholstery.

Even if you are not an interior designer, creativity and little research will help to get rid of space crunch and give your home a modern look. Choose colors that go well with the wall and other home furniture in your room. When it comes to styles and types, you may experiment with different upholstery, from velvet to leather, choose your pick.   

Home Decor Hacks 

If you believe this is not the right time to spend on an interior designer in Mumbai or fancy home decor, then we bring to you some amazing home decor and furniture hacks that will come to your rescue.

Here you go!

Go minimal - Get rid of the furniture and home decors that are no longer useful and occupy excess space. Not just the décor, get rid of irrelevant things that occupy space in your shelves and cabinets. No matter how small your home is, going for a minimal look will surely give it a bigger, cleaner, and crisp look.

Use mirrors - This is the most simple and efficient hack. Placing mirrors in your home will help to give your space a bigger look. While doing so, make sure you do not go overboard and install mirrors on all the walls. 

Play with colors - Choose colors wisely when it comes to curtains and bedsheets. Choose shades that are light, as dark shades may make your home appear smaller. Light shades will give your room a spacious appearance. You may choose pastel colors for walls as well as curtains and bedsheets.

Embrace lights - Lights may make or break the look of your home. It is very essential you choose the correct lighting options. Embrace natural lights. ​


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