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Natural Foods Against Belly Fat

Natural Foods Against Belly Fat

A big belly not only looks ugly, it has serious health consequences. When the waist circumference increases, so-called visceral fat is distributed inside around the organs. In the body, the fat produces a number of signaling substances and increases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver.

As per Sarah's discovery, In order to get rid of belly fat permanently, selected nutrients and physical exercise are very important. There are some foods that will help get rid of belly fat faster and tone your waistline. They influence the control of hormones in the body, stimulate the metabolism and help burn more fat at rest.


Sesame seeds contain lignans, which are particularly helpful in burning fat. Lignans increase the liver enzymes that break down fat and thereby accelerate fat burning. But the proteins and essential fatty acids in sesame also increase the metabolic rate and help burn more fat.

Sesame goes well as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. It tastes delicious with salads, stir-fried vegetables, fish and soups.

Raw Cocoa

Raw cocoa reduces the stress hormone cortisol. When stressed, the metabolism slows down, more fat is stored and new love handles are formed. Magnesium, theobromine and caffeine in raw cocoa stimulate metabolic activity and have a positive effect on muscle function. The chromium content in raw cocoa in turn helps to lower blood pressure and the fiber improves digestion, increases the feeling of satiety, reduces appetite and increases the sugar metabolism.

Just 2 to 3 teaspoons of raw cocoa nibs per day are enough to increase metabolic processes and reduce belly fat. The small cocoa pieces are easy to take with you and are suitable as a quick and high-energy snack.

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Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. They contain all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs to build muscle. The more muscle mass the body has, the more energy it uses. It needs more energy to maintain muscles than it does to maintain fat. As a result, more calories are burned at rest, the metabolism is increased and the fat burning is stimulated.

The eggs can be boiled or prepared as scrambled eggs. 2 eggs per day are sufficient.

Green Smoothie

Green smoothies accelerate fat burning. They are rich in various micronutrients, which support cell functions, accelerate nerve signals and increase the metabolism. Above all, the high protein and fat content in smoothies triggers satiety hormones in the brain, which tell us that we are full. The calcium from green leafy vegetables in smoothies improves the transmission of nerve signals and magnesium supports the functioning of the muscles.

The high nutritional content of smoothies replaces a complete meal, is suitable as a quick snack and makes weight loss easier in a delicious way.

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Red Pepper

Red peppers provide plenty of vitamin C. Our body needs enough vitamin C to produce the carnitine molecules, which the muscles use to use fat as an energy source and to increase the metabolism.

Red peppers are a delicious snack between meals, they taste great as an ingredient in stir-fry vegetables or with homemade hummus.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil stimulates fat burning, reduces appetite and increases the feeling of satiety. The many medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil help reduce belly fat, stimulate the function of the liver, and thereby help absorb toxins from the body. With daily consumption of coconut oil, the waist circumference can be reduced within a few weeks.

As little as 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day stimulate the metabolism and help improve blood lipid levels. The coconut oil can be simply sucked or used as an alternative to margarine and other processed vegetable fats.

Barley Grass

Barley grass is rich in chlorophyll, which is particularly beneficial for fat burning. Chlorophyll stimulates the flushing of toxins in the body and helps cleanse the liver. With a clean liver, fat cells can be better eliminated.

Barley grass also regulates blood sugar levels, helps prevent cravings and increases the feeling of satiety.

Just 2 glasses of barley grass water per day stimulate metabolic processes and help to reduce belly fat without much effort. For the preparation of barley grass water: Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of organic barley grass powder in a glass with water and drink 20 minutes before a meal.

There are several foods that accelerate fat burning and help eliminate belly fat naturally. In addition to these foods, it is important to drink enough water. Water increases metabolic activities, which increases body temperature and makes the body burn more fat when at rest.

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