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How Parents Stop Their Kids from Online Dating


How Parents Stop Their Kids from Online Dating

The dangers of the internet for the kids are increasing day by day. Parents are looking to cope with the challenge efficiently, but they are not sure about the execution and consequences of the situation.

The problem has hiked up the scale after the pandemic breakout, as the academic activities of the students have also switched to virtual learning and online learning, so the kids' screen time has increased massively in the last few months. 

With the increase in screen time, the parents’ concerns and reservations are getting to new heights. The reported cases of harassment, sex offending, online predating, and cyber bullying are increasing.       

The kids are getting more prone to cyber threats with the increase in internet usage. There is another side of the story as well; a few kids consentfully indulge in the exercise of online dating and other related unethical and immoral stuff that can be damaging in the long run for the kid. 

A few teens and kids get involved in viewing inappropriate content over the World Wide Web; this situation can be problematic for the parent and need to be addressed in an effective way.

After knowing the problem of the parents, we have conducted a comprehensive assessment and found a solution for the parents. The problem of the parent can be addressed by using a spying facility. 

A spying facility allows the parent to know each and everything about the real-time activities of the child. The activities get cloned and to the phone of the parent, and the parent can actively know what the child is actually doing at a certain point of time. 

There are number of spying services that claim to spy on the kids’ activities, but all of them to no use. OgyMogy is found to be the best spying service to monitor all the activities of the children without their knowledge. 

The spy app can be installed on the target device after getting physical access only once; after that, all the parent needs to do is to stalk all the activities using the online portal of the app. 

OgyMogy is offering services for nine years and is highly acknowledged by its customers and users. The app does all the spying without any hint to the target child because if the child gets to know of the activity, the idea can be spoiled. 

So, the parents’ purpose of protecting children from cyber threats can be addressed by OgyMogy. Let’s have a look at the salient offerings of the app. 

OgyMogy – Helping to Protect Kids

Social Networking Apps Monitoring – Coping with Online Dating

The social networking apps installed on the target device can be monitored without any hassle. All the apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Instagram, Tinder, and Tumblr can be tracked for all the communication taking place through these apps.

The chats can be monitored to know if the child is pressed or pushed by someone to gain unlawful benefits or if the child is bullied by someone; this all can be dealt with in an efficient manner using OgyMogy.

The multimedia sharing facility of the apps really serves a big-time deal to everyone, but when it comes to child safety, it can be a bit tricky.

As it is reported, the groups of the social media apps are more prone to the sharing of questionable content, which can be damaging for the kids’ social and moral well-being. Thus OgyMogy allows the parent to extensively monitor all the images and videos shared over through the network. 

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If a contact shares inappropriate content, the same contact can be blocked for further communication with the child.

The VoIP and video calls made through the app can also be monitored in real-time. 

Monitoring Browsing History and Blocking Websites

This feature serves a real deal to the parent in monitoring the children. The websites that the parent thinks are not suitable for the kids to visit can be blocked using the website blocking feature of OgyMogy.

The browsing history can be stalked without any inconvenience; this provides a fair insight into the pattern of activities of the child.


The features of OgyMogy include but are not limited to the above-mentioned functionality. The app serves all the needs of the parents to spy on the kids and help to protect them from the dangers of the internet and online dating.

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