Thursday, December 17, 2020

Here Is What To Do To Fix The Kindle Won't Connect To Wifi Error

 Here Is What To Do To Fix The Kindle Won't Connect To Wifi Error

If you are a book lover then for sure you have a Kindle device. Basically, kindle is designed in such a way that you can easily open any book, magazine, newspaper, or any reading stuff at anywhere any time.  

Sometimes, the error Can’t connect kindle to wifi appears on the screen and it breaks the individual reading. But you would be happy to know that to tackle this error there is nothing hard in it. 

You can very easily overcome the Kindle won’t connect to wifi error. Most of the Kindle users face this error but do not worry here is what to do to fix the Kindle won’t connect to wifi error. 

Is It Complicated To Fix Kindle Not Connecting To Wifi? 

A big no… The wifi error is quite an easy task to overcome. Even you can fix this error on your own. There is nothing complicated and hard in it.

But yes, if you will think that maybe it can but it’s not a very tough task. Are you thinking that how can you fix the Kindle not connecting to wifi error on your own?

It’s very simple… You just have to follow the steps instructed below in the article properly. Dear users, to succeed in fixing this error on your own, Make sure to not skip any of the steps mentioned in the below-stated article. 

What Are The Reasons Causing Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi?

There are some very common issues because of which you can’t connect kindle to wifi. Do you want to know what that is? Just have a look below:

  • Low strength.
  • Turning on airplane mode. 
  • Instability of the internet.
  • An incorrect password.
  • Kindle is not charged.
  • The update is not complete.
  • Internal issues.

So, these above are some of the reasons that can be a reason for the trouble-causing to you. But it’s okay, to fix these problems the steps are mentioned in the below-stated article. 

How To Overcome The Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi Error?

As we have described above that there is nothing hard in it so just be confident and look below for the fixation step. 

Hopefully, these steps will definitely take you out of this problem. Make sure to follow the steps properly. Are you ready? Great, just have a look below…

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A. Try To Connect Wifi Again With The Kindle

There would also be mishappening that takes place within the devices. It is possible that while you connect the kindle to the internet they can’t be able to communicate with each other but it’s okay, it is a natural cause. 

All you have to do is to disconnect the device with the wifi connection and wait for at least around 1 to 2 minutes. And after that again connect your device with the router. 

Most of the users will be free from the Kindle not connecting to wifi error but some were still faced with it. If you are one of those then kindly look to the further steps.

B. Have You Entered A Correct Password? 

While reconnecting most of the users may enter a wrong password which not allowing them to overcome the Kindle not connect to wifi issue. 

Entering a wrong password is a very silliest mistake. Before entering the password make sure to check the Caps and Num Lock button. If both of them will be turned on then the password will automatically go wrong. 

Kindly enter the password carefully…

C. Check The Strength Of The Wifi Connection 

It can also be possible that the strength of the wifi is low that not allowing the Kindle to connect with wifi. Just once check the strength of the wifi you are using. 

How To Check The Wifi Strength Is Weak Or Strong? 

You just have to connect the wifi with another device {Computer, Smartphone}, and open the YouTube. Then click on the magnifying glass and search there for anything. 

If you get the quick results it means the connection is strong but if it’s taking time to load then it simply indicates the low strength of the internet. 

Those users whose wifi strength is good can jump to the F. point and those facing low connectivity can continue reading this article.


Before making a call to the wifi servicer make sure the low strength is not causing because of some common problems that can be easily fixed by you. 

D. Are There Any Barriers? 

Barriers may unstable the connectivity of the internet and cause low strength of the wifi. All you have to do is just remove all the obstacles coming across both of the devices. 

If you can not remove the things then kindly replace the device and make sure there should be at least a 3 to 4-inch gap. 


E. Router Can’t Be Connect To The Other Devices 

If the wifi router you are using is also connected with the other devices too then kindly disconnect all of them otherwise you will definitely face low strength wifi issues. 

F. The Airplane Mode Must be Turned Off

If you don’t know then let us clear you that if the Airplane mode is turned on then it may automatically disconnect from the internet. 

Till you do not turn off the Airplane mode you can’t connect Kindle to wifi. So, all you have to do is just turn it off. 

G. Make Sure The Kindle Must Charged Properly 

Sometimes, internet issues cause because the battery of the Kindle is low. This issue is known by very few people. So, if the battery of the Kindle is low then kindly first charge it properly and then try to connect it with the wifi. 

H. Update The Kindle Device

Is your Kindle not updated? This is exactly the problem of not allowing Kindle to connect with the router. If you will proceed with the updating process then you will be free from the Kindle won’t connect to wifi error. 

I. Restart The Kindle Device

If you are even now facing the same error then it is definitely internal issues that are tackling your device. To resolve internal issues you just have to reboot your Kindle device. 

Make sure to turn off the internet connection before doing the rebooting process.

With The Hope Of Good…  

You will definitely be out of this error. Are you? Great, this is exactly what we want. Now, you can easily get full access to the wifi. 

Thank you for trusting and for giving your time. 

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