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Domino’s Rolex to Wear & Relish: Know its History

 Domino’s Rolex to Wear & Relish: Know its History

Rolex and Domino’s Pizza! Two significantly different brands together! Surprising right? It is obvious as it is one of the most unexpected pairings. While one reflects affluence, other represents affordability. But it is true. 

Most of the watch enthusiasts, especially Rolex lovers, are well-familiar to the different popular watches in the Rolex Air-King collection. You also might be an admirer of some of these references. However, perhaps only a few people are conversant with the Domino’s Rolex. 

No, it is not a moniker attributed based on any specific style or colour. Instead, it is the marker offered to Rolex watches that are exclusively created for the massive pizza chain.  

Domino’s Pizza is known to have been ordering customized Rolex timepieces from the leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex for over 40years. But when the unique merger of these two top brands from different fields took place? How does Domino’s Rolex Air-King differ from other standard Air-King models? 

Continue reading to dig out everything you want to know about the unique Domino’s Rolex Air-King.

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Domino’s Rolex: The History

The inception of the Domino’s Rolex timepiece can be traced in the 1986 autobiography of Tom Monaghan. Well, Tom Monaghan is the founder of famous Domino’s Pizza. It is written that he began giving away timepieces in 1977. He used to wear a Bulova that had the Domino’s logo engraved on its dial.

The watch captured a franchisee's eyes who later asked Monaghan what he needs to achieve to acquire that Bulova timepiece from him. In response to it, Monaghan set a goal that seeks a twenty-thousand dollars sale per week. And the franchisee achieved it. 

Following this incident, Tom Monaghan started to give away many Seiko watches for the next few years, followed by hundreds of Rolex watches. However, the Rolex model that is particularly mentioned in his autobiography is the Air-King Reference 5500. Well, the Rolex Reference 5500 is one of the most underrated Air-King watches. It features a 34mm stainless steel Oyster case, time-only dial and steel Oyster bracelet. 

However, what makes the Domino’s Air-King different and stand out from others is the bright Domino’s blue-red logo on the dial. Tom Monaghan awarded these custom Domino’s Rolexes to high-achieving store managers. 

The fact is that Tom Monaghan perceived that the scope of winning a Rolex might motivate his store managers significantly. Thus, the company organised the ‘Domino’s Pizza Challenge’. 

The challenge stated the condition that to win the Rolex Domino’s watch, the company had to achieve £14,764 in sales per week. However, as the pizza chain expanded with time, the targets turned out to be more aspiring.  Interestingly, this also influenced Rolex in bringing some changes in its catalogue. 

The Domino’s logo appeared on different watches and in several forms over the years. And the more fascinating fact is that this giant pizza chain is continuing the ‘Domino’s Pizza Rolex Challenge’ till date. However, the company now offers a brand-new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 Reference 12000 as the coveted prize. 

Rolex Watches with Domino’s Logo

It is essential to note that genuine and authenticated Domino’s Rolex watches come out straight from Rolex’s factory. The watchmaker furnished these watches with the requisite labels in its factory and the original papers of Domino’s Rolexes state ‘Domino’s Pizza’. 

Well, Rolex has produced all Domino’s Rolex versions in stainless steel. However, the watchmaker has crafted several models over the years, including Air-King and Oyster Perpetual to represent the Domino’s branding. 

The Air-King Reference 5500 was the first Domino’s Rolex and it is one of the longest-running Rolex watches. However, the brand ceased its production in the 1980s, replacing it with the Air-King 14000. Eventually, this new Air-King edition became the Domino’s Royal Challenge prize. Later, Rolex also added the Reference 14010 to the Air-King lineup. In the 2000s, the updated Air-King Reference 14000M and Reference 14010M made their debut, followed by the Air-King 114200 in 2007.

 However, Rolex stopped the production of the Air-King line entirely in 2014. But the Reference 114200 retained as a part of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection. So the brand produces the Domino’s Oyster Perpetual 114200 watches of 34mm case sizes. Additionally, Domino’s Oyster Perpetual 116000 models are also available with more prominent 36mm cases.

Finally this year, a brand-new generation of Oyster Perpetual made its debut, available in several sizes. Interestingly, the revived Oyster Perpetual 2020 series includes a new Domino’s edition too as the Reference 126000. The watch features a silver dial with gold indexes and hands. 

Rolex has also produced a few smaller Domino’s Rolex watches for ladies over the years. The list includes the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Reference 176200, 76080, 67180 and 67194. 

Overall, the Domino’s Rolex watches represent the relationship of the two big brands that endured for more than 40years and is still continuing to date. The pizza company awards these Rolexes to the highest-achieving employees on a regular basis.

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