Thursday, December 17, 2020

Angular vs. React: Which JS Framework to Choose in 2021?

 Angular vs. React: Which JS Framework to Choose in 2021?

JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages now, with its frameworks continuously evolving to suit new-age businesses' requirements. It has won the heart of developers for building interactive, robust, and scalable web applications. Statistics show that JavaScript is used by around 96.8% of websites in the world.

Among the most popular JS frameworks, Angular and React are on the top of the list. Both these frontend frameworks are super resourceful and help developers build sophisticated applications that meet the various business requirements. However, there exists a set of vast differences between Angular and React, and it is often perplexing for businesses to choose the right one for their project. 

Are you confused about choosing between React JS development and Angular JS development for your business application? Here we have listed down the pros and cons of both the frameworks to help you make an informed decision. 

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Understanding Angular and React

As an open-source JS framework, Angular has been well-liked by developers until React has started to gain acceptance. Developed by Google in 2010, Angular has some of the best features: two-way data binding capability, dependency injection, support for Typescript, and more. One of the famous MEAN stack frameworks offers a robust platform for web application development while drastically cutting down the coding effort. The latest version of Angular was released in 2020. 

Released by Facebook in 2013, React is an open-source JavaScript library. The major highlight is that it allows React JS developers to simplify the development process by dividing the pages into single components. It is appropriate for small scale enterprise-level applications and cross-platform apps that need quick deployments. This framework is used in the user interface of Facebook products, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. which has further boosted its popularity.

Comparing Angular vs. React 

Angular and React differ in multiple aspects. While Angular is a full-fledged JS framework, React is a library built on JSX and JavaScript. Here goes a quick comparative analysis of both the frameworks on various parameters. 

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On the benchmark of popularity, React and Angular enjoyed almost equal dominance until 2018. In the last couple of years, React has garnered much attention leading to a dip in the popularity of Angular. As per the StackOverflow Survey 2020, React is on the second position in the list of most popular frameworks. Angular takes the 9th rank among frameworks of all languages. However, when it comes to JS frameworks, React is the first in popularity, and Angular stands third.  


When it comes to choosing the right framework, performance should be a deciding factor. Angular takes an edge here with its real DOM feature allowing developers to build dynamic software applications. Since this framework uses enhanced HTML, it speeds up the page loading time. The React framework is browser agnostic but uses virtual DOM. Being a heavy JavaScript language, page loading is comparatively slow in React. 

Development Speed 

With its MVVM (model-view-view-model) architecture, Angular offers a seamless development experience. It is loaded with built-in features that reduce the coding effort while allowing swift compilation of components. React is based on the Flux Architecture and allows unidirectional data flow. Furthermore, the development speed is impacted when third party libraries are used in React.

Angular vs. React – Which is Better for 2021?

Nothing is perfect when it comes to choosing the framework for your business project. Both Angular and React have their pros and cons, and the choice of the framework should be based on the specific project requirement. 

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