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5 Quick ways to Make a Money as a Photographer

5 Quick ways to Make a Money as a Photographer

Photography is not just a creative and artistic profession, it is also a great way to earn good money. But many photographers don't know how to make their profession into a profitable profession. Just building a great portfolio will not work, if you need to earn good bucks then you have to do something extraordinary. Commercial photography in Bristol has inspired many photographers to make some extra money by clicking the photos of products for e-commerce business. 

Here are 10 best ways to make good money from your photography -:

1. Take Photography Courses Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demands for online courses and by teaching online you can earn a good amount of money. On the Internet, you will easily find people who want to learn photography courses ranging from basic to advanced level. 
You just need to register and set your hourly rate with the websites that offer online photography courses. And this will be free. After registering with the website, the business owner will contact you and ask for the type of online channel you prefer to teach. 
But before taking this path, ask yourself if you would be able to teach someone. This is because teaching is also a creative skill that is not possessed by everyone.

2. Sell photos Online

The Shutterstock, Esty, Almy, iStock, Adobe Stock, Smug mug are some of the reputable websites that allow you to sell your stock photos. Selling photos online is the best idea to earn some extra cash that needs no financial investment and allows you to have full control over your net profits.  
Some types of photos like nature, animals, transportation, weather, artwork etc. are more liked by people.
The other key things to keep in mind while selling photos online are -:

● Sell single photos in preference to group photos.
● Add Candid shots in your photo stock.
● Use wide-angle lenses for capturing landscapes scenes.
● Click looking away photos because they tell a story without words and are loved by the audience.

3. Start Small business Commercial photography 

In the present era, every business has its professional website and alluring images are always needed to fill them. Whether it's about restaurants, saloons, dental clinics, retail stores, gym, etc., every small business owner wants to keep his website updated by adding pictures of their product photos to attract more customers. 
As a photographer, you can help these small businesses promote their products and stories and make good bucks.

Many commercial photographers provide their services for creative advertising and marketing campaigns. They are specialized in building your business brand through their elite photography skills.

3 things to consider while starting commercial photography -:
● Be clear about your business plan and targeted market.
● Set your price based on your photography experience. Make sure that it should not be too high and not be too low.
● Pay attention to headshots, as this is the core of commercial photography and is used to promote the products and services of any small business.

4. Blogging

It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to earn money. For this, you need to create your blog on free blogging [platforms like Blogger, Tumbler, WordPress, Squarespace and can earn a considerable sum of cash by advertising your best clicks. 

When enough people start following your blog then you can start adding advertisements to your blogs like Google Ads which will give you a chance to make a good amount.

5. Sell photos to Magazines

As we all know the magazine doesn't work without the pictures, so it gives another chance for photographers to earn handsome money. And this can be done by submitting your photos to various magazines. But remember one thing, to get into the magazine business you have to build your name and network in the photography industry. Therefore, it is initially recommended to start with regional publications.

In Final Words -:

It can take some time to earn good cash at the starting point of the photography profession, but you should never give up. The best you do is to support yourself and work devotedly towards an ideal career and the day will come when you build more quality work and get decent cash.

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