Friday, March 27, 2020

DIY Wooden Furniture Restoration Tips

DIY wooden furniture restoration has forever been a favourite hobby of many people. And for many reasons too! It is creative, interesting, and rewarding. In the end, you are left with a charming, unique and valuable piece of furniture. Moreover, by restoring your wooden furniture, you will not only prolong its 'life', but you will also upgrade it or change its looks and make it look completely new.

However, be sure that this process is not as easy as it seems. In some moments you will feel like you were trying to grow your business or build a house. You must get the proper tools, follow all the right steps and be very careful. But, do not worry, we are here to help you out! Keep on reading for some guidance on restoring wooden furniture all by yourself in the comfort of your home.

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Go Shopping for Restoration Tools

Without a doubt, this is going to be one of those bigger projects, so be sure that you will have to buy a lot of tools. But, do not worry, they will not break your budget that much. Simply visit your local hardware store or even a well-equipped stationery shop or supermarket and get the following:

● Paint Stripper
● Paint Thinner
● Sandpaper (or even better, a power sander)
● Good-quality Paint Scrapers
● Wood Paint
● Wax Coating

Also, check your home and see whether you have some old towels, sponges, and cloths. You will also need paintbrushes, a bucket, eye goggles, gloves, and a vacuum cleaner. Most of this stuff you probably have to lie around in your basement or garage. So, check everything before going shopping but also remember to use the space in your truck wisely when you are loading it up.

Decide Whether Your Wooden Furniture Needs to Be Restored

When it comes to restoring wooden furniture, there are two kinds of experts or enthusiasts. One group believes that wooden furniture should not be restored at all because it will lose its value. The other group believes that wooden furniture must be restored from time to time if we want to prolong its longevity. But, if you are reading this article, you probably belong to the second group of people and you are ready to restore some of your favourite furniture pieces and hopefully upgrade your home using these inexpensive design elements. 

However, before you start stripping the finish off of your wooden furniture, whether it be a chair, table or shelf, think whether it should be stripped at all! Sometimes you just need a coat of paint to fix everything. So, consider all the factors - what is underneath the paint (if there is any), is the piece built from solid wood, does it need to be reglued, etc., before making any rash decisions. Trust us, this is not a home renovation you can do in one afternoon.

Choose the Correct Restoration Technique

You have several options to restore your wooden pieces. But the final result is always the same - a piece of furniture brought back to life. And, yes, almost any piece is repairable. So, do not throw it away just yet. Here are your options:

● Repair - If your chair, for example, has any cracks or dents, you can easily repair it using special products and without stripping the finish.
● Rejuvenate - Again, without stripping the finish, you can just rejuvenate the piece by simply cleaning and waxing it.
● Refinish - Here, you have to strip the finish using sandpaper or a power sander, repair everything and then apply a new finish.

The first two techniques work on all types of wood that are in good condition. The process of repairing or rejuvenating is quite simple, fast and cheap. The third technique, however, is used on really damaged pieces of wood. And, be sure that you will need a lot of time to repair it too. So, when you decide to let everyone know that you are moving, or that you are renovating, let them know that you will need their help sanding as well!

Refinishing Tips

As mentioned above, refinishing is the most complicated technique for restoring wooden furniture. And it is the one which will require the most time, money and devotion. Here is the best way of restoring those damaged wooden pieces:

1. Thoroughly clean the wooden piece - The best way to do it is by using a mixture of dish soap and warm water. Just scrub the surface with this mixture and a towel, sponge, or some cloth. Then, rinse it with lukewarm water and let it dry.
2. Asses the state - After cleaning it, you will now be able to see what you are working with. Are there any white rings, cracks, dents, or stains? Based on the state or condition, you will determine the next step and what you need to buy.
3. Remove the aged finish - Use the sandpaper or the power sander for this. And if you want to finish this step even more easily and quickly, you can also buy a liquid or paste chemical stripper designed especially for stripping the finish off the wood. 
4. Seal the wood - You will need to buy a sealant product to apply to your wood after sanding in order to prepare it for staining. Apply one coat and once it dries, sand it again.
5. Paint the wood - This is optional. You can choose to change the colour of the wood or leave it as is. 
6. Apply a finish coat - If you want to avoid painting the wood, you will need to apply a finish coat after sealing it. You can use an oil finish, wipe-on varnish, or a polyurethane finish.

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