Saturday, February 29, 2020

Redesigned Microsoft colorful Windows 10 icons

Redesigned Microsoft colorful Windows 10 icons

Microsoft has been one of the pioneers when it comes to design.

They have started working on the aesthetics of the design to introduce 3-dimensional icons a few years back.

The company’s new Office icons were only the beginning of modernly designed icons.

Microsoft rolling out newly designed icons was first revealed on Nov 2018 under its new Fluent design aesthetic.

In December 2019 Microsoft officially publicized that they are going to come in with Fluent redesigns to virtually all of Windows 10’s icons.

Now the company has decided to launch some of these icons and that starts with Windows Insiders.

Microsoft has redesigned its entire set of system icons to enhance the flow of the operating system. 

The company has made the updates available to the Fast Ring testers of Windows 10 a few days ago with the icons built with the new Fluent Design principles.

Hundreds of new Window’s 10 icons are designed with vibrant colours and it definitely looks better than the one existing today. More are said to be rolling out in the future in stages.

Several apps are redesigned to get the modern

Here is a glance of the icons designed with the Fluent Design Principles

The newly redesigned logos are layered in such a way that enables them to disconnect from the letter and the accompanying symbol, adding a feeling of depth that sparks the subject in 3d context.

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The symbol is now designed larger than the letter and the reason behind it is Microsoft wanting to emphasize the content you create over the tool itself.

Several apps are redesigned to get the modern outlook and few of them are Groove Music, Mail, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Alarms & Clocks, Movies & TV and Calendar. There are many more to come.

The company is also planning to renovate apps like Photos from the basic white logos into more vibrant and colourful options.

All the new icons will appear within Windows 10X which is an OS variant designed for dual-screen devices.

Having replaced its monochromatic icons with more colourful ones, Microsoft explained in a recent blog post on how the company built the icon using it’s Fluent Design Language.

Microsoft’s Koehn also added that “Leveraging Fluent Design Principles introduced depth and colour to their iconography and moreover those additional cues are subtle, but they can make a world of difference while scanning an interface”

In a post in Medium, Office designer Jon Friedman said that “Microsoft notes that the world has transformed a lot since 2013, the last time it redesigned its logos. Selfies and emojis were new concepts back then and artificial intelligence was just beginning to make noise and you most preferred to save your files in local drives than in the cloud”

The evolution of Microsoft’s icons is to advance the cross-platform approach while continuing with the familiarities of Windows 10 users. The new colourful icons will give you a familiar feel while honouring the legacy of the Windows operating system.

Friedman on a reply to comment said that “It is a huge undertaking to develop a common system and design 10 icons at the same time, but now that we already have set up the system we will start to extend it across all of Microsoft”.

The splash of colour is designed to make it seamless for apps on the start menu or taskbar and the company is deciding to use similar icons with its new design language across its applications for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android.

When it comes to availability, the Calendar and Mail applications are supposed to be available to regular Windows 10 users any moment now, as they have surfaced in the release preview update ring of Windows 10 and the rest are still being beta tested by the fast ring.

The fresh icon push is said to be a broader part of the Fluent Design effort at Microsoft that could modernize the company’s software models and other services.

But, according to one of the Windows Insider who has received the update of new icons said that the colour scheme doesn’t accept the system accent colour. It has also been noticed that instead of using the system accent for background colour, it is using the default blue colour.

Microsoft has promised to renovate all of Windows 10’s built-in icons. And it is just a matter of a few month’s time until the rollout of all the application icon is complete.

Microsoft’s design team is heard to work in internal collaboration or more like in an “open source” method. The company has always learned from its gaffe and now has been learning to redesign its future.

Take Away

Microsoft has always been focussing on its design and has always remained inconsistent over time. They are expected to release more redesigned icons in the coming months for its users. So stay updated to the tech news to know about the releases and hoping to see the time changing.

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