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How To Create Stylish Custom Handle Boxes- Beginner Guide


How To Create Stylish Custom Handle Boxes- Beginner Guide

Custom handle boxes although a new type of packaging box still no one can deny their popularity in the business of various sectors. It is their customer-centric nature that acts as a contributing factor behind their popularity in various sectors.      

Customized handle boxes are considered a more preferable choice of customers compared to boxes with handles due to their better product carrying nature. Handle on boxes not only improves the functionality of the products, especially during their transportation but also serves as a symbol of distinction for brand products and the brand itself. Furthermore, the tailoring feature also offers brands a way to customize different aspects of their nature like handle location and crafting material as per the product requirements. Let’s explore a beginner guide on how to create stylish handle boxes.             

1-  Start With Crafting Material:

The first and foremost step of crafting a box with handle starts with the selection of material. For better results, it is essential that crafting material must be of a high standard and possess an excellent level of durability. So, every other step of handle box creation becomes meaningless when the brand selects the wrong material for the crafting process. 

In regard to material selection, the following are some options on which brands can deliberate for achieving better results. Let’s explore these options turn by turn.     

A- Cardboard:

You can opt for cardboard when products have to go through the shipping process or need protection from the impacts of the environment, especially moisture. Cardboard material is considered more effective in terms of food packaging in order to maintain the freshness of food.  

B- Rigid:

The rigid material used for the transportation of luxurious, premium, and fragile products of glassy nature. They are also used for gift giving purpsoe. So, if you want to present your gifts in the most remarkable way then you must choose rigid material for the crafting of your custom boxes with handles.    

C- Corrugated 

Corrugated is the most used type of material in the crafting of a handle box. It is their uncomparable level of durability and next level of recyclability that makes corrugated an ideal choice when it comes to material selection for handle custom boxes.      

2- Give Priority To Trial And Error Method: 

For excellent results in terms of providing a stylish appearance to custom handle boxes, it is essential that you give priority to the trial and error method. The importance of this method grows more when the aim of the brand is to offer something unique to its customers. This method also helps the brand to build a distinct image of itself in the market through innovation.        

A- Do Proper Planning:

To achieve better results from the trial and error method, it is essential for the brand to do proper planning before starting the crafting process of handling custom boxes. In terms of planning the following are some areas that brands need to take into consideration.

  • Products Specifications ( Height, Width, Style, And Size)
  • Budget Limitations 
  • Material Selection 
  • Previous Shortcomings    

3- Get Out Of Comfort Zone:   

In order to gain excellent outcomes from handle custom boxes, it is fundamental that brands need to come out of their comfort zone during their process. Never be afraid to try something new and don’t hesitate to utilize the option of box tailoring according to your product's requirements.           

The following are two prominent ways that every brand needs to follow in order to get out of their comfort zone in order to achieve perfection. 

A- Give A Touch Of Personalization To Designs;

One of the easiest that brands can follow in order to get out of their comfort zone regarding the crafting of handle custom boxes is by giving a touch of personalization to their design. In this regard, what you need to do is share your choice of design with packaging brands, and the rest they will handle.      

B- Bring Innovation In Style: 

The other way to get out of your comfort zone in regard to crafting and handling custom boxes is by trying different combinations of styles. If you want to try something new in regard to style then you can opt for flip top boxes wholesale rate. Although this style is new in the industry, it is still very popular among the brands.    

4-End With Finishing Touch:

In the end step, you need to give some kind of finishing touch to your crafted handle custom boxes. This finishing touch not only improves the visibility of your boxes but also provides some sort of distinction compared to other boxes. Concerning the choice of finishing touch, you can opt for the following finishing touches.

  • Coating 
  • Embellishments
  • Adds-Ons 
  • Laminations    

Wrapping Up:

Stylishness is one of the features of custom handle boxes that sometimes act as a symbol of their market identity. Every brand needs some tips for the crafting of handle boxes and this blog is meant for those brands that need some insightful knowledge about them. After reading this blog, you will know every pro hack that you need for the purpose of crafting stylish handle custom boxes.

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